Roxana Line Is a Musician That Brings Musical Theatre Into Her Emo Sound

For music lovers and casual listeners, music has been a huge marker to define eras and decades. Grunge, R&B, EDM, and pop have defined the music taste for the past two decades. Wedged in between them was emo, which greatly defined many young adult’s teenage years. While the genre has been downplayed later, Roxana Line is here to remind people that emo is not dead.

Roxana Line is a Los Angeles based songwriter & producer who seamlessly blends emo, musical theatre, and pop-rock influences in a self-contained, easter-egg-filled universe of musical fairy tales. She has been singing for as long as she can remember and grew up telling her that she wanted to pursue a career as a singer. Back then, her family didn’t have the resources to get her into expensive lessons or hire somebody to help her write music, giving her two options: either to give up the dream or learn how to write and produce independently. Roxana chose the latter.

At first, she found it painfully difficult as Roxana wished she could find the help she needed. It was only later that something clicked, and Roxana found it the most fun experience she ever had. The roadblock became the focus of her career, and it opened doors to what she now considers her ultimate “superpower”: to tell stories through intertwined lyrics, harmony, and visual arts.

Roxana started writing and fully arranging her first song at the age of 13 and shortly assembled her first band to perform her original music. She would later make two more bands throughout high school and early college. Since then, she has been doing everything herself, from the music, lyrics, arrangement, and production to music video scripts, prop design and even casting.

When it comes to writing, Roxana focuses on writing energetic emo/pop-punk tunes with theatrical/broadway elements. Her process is a combination of clear vision and meticulous work ethics. Roxana conceptualizes stories she wants to tell and undergoes research to find story elements. Once she finds them and their right place, the music comes to her. She then makes a full arrangement and orchestration and colors for the album art and imagery for her music videos. Roxana then goes through the process of writing all the colors and musical elements down. She finds it challenging to ensure the musical parts are written down later performed at the high standard she set upon musical conception.

Roxana stands out from other incredible musicians because her creations have a unique blending of genres, tones, and satire-filled lyrics from her heart and mind. While there are people in the music industry who are competitive, Roxana loves sharing the music of other people that touch her heart. The only competition she sees is with herself, giving her the focus to continue improving, trying new things, striving for greatness, and never settling for “good enough.”

With a head full of colors and concepts, Roxana hopes to find herself on Broadway as both a playwright and a performer. She has also been developing an animated musical, which she hopes to one day direct. For now, she is content with releasing music that she has been writing for years and has two full concept albums that are ready to be recorded and released.

The music Roxana will be releasing will build and connect to a musical universe that she will be introducing on October 23, 2020, with her song “That’s the Way You’re Giving Up” set to be released for streaming.

To find out more about Roxana Line, you may visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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