Roku TV Refreshes “The Buzz” and $30 Streaming

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A new section of its streaming devices called “The Buzz” will be introduced as part of a software upgrade to Roku TV streaming operating system. This section will be filled with brief promotional content from entertainment partners. The objective is to give people a different entry point for finding and watching fresh movies and TV episodes.

With improved versions of the Roku Express entry-level streaming device and its wireless subwoofer, the business is making a small number of modifications to its product line for the 2022 holiday shopping season (now called Roku Wireless Bass).

There will be two “major changes” to the What to Watch function in Roku OS 11.5 in addition to The Buzz: along with updates to Roku Voice, expanding Bluetooth private listening to work with the Roku Ultra, Roku Streambar, and Roku Streambar Pro; adding categories to the Live TV Channel Guide, and redesigning the Roku Store section to make it “more visually appealing,” the new features include a watching option and an expanded platform-wide Save List.

Roku devices will begin receiving OS 11.5 “in the coming months,” the company stated.

The Buzz is a new section of articles with brief information from streaming providers and entertainment companies that will appear on the Roku home screen on a regular basis. The Buzz has announced its initial partners, which include AMC+, Apple TV+, BET+, Crackle, Hallmark Movies Now, IGN, Plex, Popcornflix, Showtime, Starz, The CW, Tubi, Vevo, and Wondrium. Videos, pictures, movie trailers, interviews, and other types of content can all be posted under The Buzz. In addition, users have the option to “like” posts, save content for later viewing, follow profiles in The Buzz to see future posts, or immediately begin streaming the film or television program highlighted in the post.

The Roku home screen’s What to Watch section offers a single spot to restart watching videos using the Continue Watching function. Netflix, HBO Max, Netflix, Paramount+, and the Roku Channel will all be featured under Continue Watching, and further channels will be added.

Additionally, a Save List is now available in Roku’s What to Watch for users’ rapid access to previously bookmarked material. The “Save” button is available for users on the information pages for movies and TV shows, enabling them to add that item to their list quickly. Before, just the Roku Channel and the Roku mobile app were available for saving content to a list.

A new set of visual on-screen tools for Roku Voice is also included in the OS 11.5 release, which will show channel selections pertinent to their voice search. Customers can then choose or express their preferred alternative and begin streaming.

Users will be able to store their favorite channels, go back to recently watched content, or access their subscribed channels from the Roku Channel by selecting one of the three new categories Recents, Favorites, or Subscribed, in Roku’s Live TV Channel Guide. In addition, it will show a number of live TV genres, such as News, Sports, Movies, Entertainment, Kids, Crime, Music, and En Espanol. Each of these genres will automatically populate based on the live TV programming on the relevant Roku Channels. Furthermore, Roku has included a special Live TV Channel “Guide” button on the mobile app remote, enabling users to see what is currently airing live on their TV with the touch of a button.

Hardware upgrades on Roku TV

Roku recently unveiled the Roku Express player and Roku Wireless Bass, two new additions to their device lineup that further the company’s mission to offer the greatest streaming capabilities at competitive prices.

Dual-band wifi (an improvement from 802.11b/g/n single-band wifi) and more storage are now features of the new Roku Express, which is priced at the same $30 as the previous model (which the company says will result in faster channel start times). The streaming device, which does not support 4K Ultra HD, will go up for pre-order on Monday on,, and for $29.99, with shipping scheduled for mid-October. On October 16, the product will be generally accessible on and in significant American stores.

The newly created Roku Wireless Bass subwoofer may be used with the Roku Streambar, Roku Wireless Speakers, or Roku TV Wireless Soundbar. The Roku Streambar with Wireless Bass package will cost $250 when it launches on November 7 and has a list price of $129.99.

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