Rae Serbeck Serves as an Inspiration for Aspirants as He Breaks Into the Modeling, Acting, and Writing Industry

Breaking into the modeling and entertainment industry armed with a vision for success and dedication toward establishing his name, Rae Serbeck wishes to inspire aspirants through his story and remind them that dreams can be translated into reality with enough hard work. 

Considered one of today’s emerging powerhouses, Rae Serbeck believes that where people came from has no bearing on the heights they will reach. The go-getter puts a premium on the value of perseverance and goes all out in the pursuit of goals.

This multifaceted model’s journey in the modeling industry started in December 2017 when his best friend talked him into trying out for a runway model gig for the Utah Fashion Show run by L.A. Talent. Before then, Rae Serbeck struggled with finding his calling. “I tried many different jobs, looked into schools to search for a career that I could spend my life doing — hopefully happily — but it seemed like nothing was really quite the right fit for me,” he shares. 

In the three years since securing his first show, Rae Serbeck has dipped his toes in several areas, from modeling for a small agency called United Fashion Talent to fully diving into freelance modeling. Now, he has graced not only fashion shows but also the pages of several publications and online articles. In 2020 alone, 20 magazines have featured this rising star, with four of those giving him the cover page. 

Demonstrating that his skills span across industries, Rae Serbeck made his debut in the entertainment scene by appearing as an actor in Robbie Tripp’s music video. The writing front has also felt his mark as he was able to write and publish three times in the international magazine Elixir by Royel. Impressively boasting thought pieces that gained acclaim, he wrote on the prevalent concern of bullying for the “Roman Holiday” issue, the impact of racism and antisemitism on society for the “High Society” issue, and personal human battles such as addiction for the “The Toy Soldier” issue set to drop this November 10. 

Setting his eyes on high fashion companies and magazines that focus on those on the outskirts of everyday interest, Rae Serbeck hopes to rise through the ranks even further and cement his reputation as a one-of-a-kind model. He plans to capitalize on his growing renown as an artisan who brings an eye-catching high-fashion positioning and posing into regular and casual clothing. Additionally, this forward-looking personality is determined to take his personal brand to the next level by going after overlooked jobs in the clothing, shoe, and men’s jewelry space.  

In the coming years, Rae Serbeck is bound to intensify his efforts in establishing his name as a model, actor, and writer. Moreover, he aims to launch a clothing company that allocates every dime it does not use to make clothing intended for charity donations. 

While he climbs his way to the top, he seeks to serve as an inspiration for the countless aspirants in the world. With his belief in the power of hard work, he will continuously send across a message of hope to others who are carving their own path to success.Know more about Rae Serbeck by visiting his website and Instagram page.

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