Oscar”ofoesho”Roberts on Enabling Success for Aspiring Artists Venturing Into the Cutthroat Music Scene

Today’s cutthroat industries are battlegrounds where any hopefuls who wish to seek success have to deal with a plethora of difficulties. The saturated music industry, in particular, holds no definite promise for anyone who dips their toes in the scene. Acknowledging the hardships that musicians go through, Oscar “Ofoesho” Roberts has dedicated himself and his initiatives to enabling success for aspiring artists. 

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Oscar Roberts was raised in a religious and musically-driven family. His father — the nephew of the late great Ella Fitzgerald — decided to move the entire family to Los Angeles in the pursuit of a music and acting career when Oscar was four, and this new chapter in their lives fueled the growth of this artist’s interest in the craft.

At an early age, Oscar Roberts could be seen writing poetry and rap songs — feats that would eventually lead him to decide on taking music and acting to the next level. Today, he stands as an emerging name whose career as an artist, thus far, is marked by collaborations with high-profile artists and top talents. 

Although he is now making a name for himself in the industry, Oscar Roberts had to overcome countless adversities that come hand in hand with any aspirant’s entry to the music scene. This intimate awareness of the struggles inherent in musicians’ journey to success pushed him to venture into representing talents and protecting them from all the madness that can be expected from the music industry. 

Partnering up with another artist, Juvahn, Oscar Roberts launched Juvahn Victoria, Inc., a music and entertainment company based in Los Angeles, California. Spearheaded by a strong team, its establishment is grounded on the mission to provide every service a music artist needs to further their career and thrive in the competitive music scene. 

Since its founding, Oscar Roberts and his partner have signed three artists and three producers. Additionally, they currently have a recording studio called JV Studios in Burbank, as well as a clothing line named Juvahn Victoria. With multiple singles and video releases under its belt, Juvahn Victoria is making waves and is set to create a bigger impact in the future. 

Armed with his vision and passion, Oscar Roberts is reaching greater heights with the assistance of Harris “PGordy” Brown (BagEntLA), Jamaica Stoudermire (Glu Ent), and Shanda’l Chine (4C Marketing Agency). He managed to put together an all-star team with the help of these esteemed personalities and see tremendous progress even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Juvahn Victoria, Inc. has taken leaps toward the forefront in recent months. It has also signed a new singer by the name of Didda and is in the middle of working with a few big labels and investors, hoping to elevate the company. On top of these strategic business moves, this venture will release a video to Squalla’s new single “Robert Horry” feat Lil Keke, a song produced by multi-platinum producer DezDynamic and features Lil Keke. Juvahn’s new track, 2 am feat Tate Kobang & produced by Stevie Jay & Nightviber  is also expected to drop.

In the coming years, Oscar Roberts plans to continue changing the narratives of the artists under the wing of Juvahn Victoria, Inc. He is also committed to contributing to the transformation of the music industry for the better. 

Learn more about Oscar Roberts by visiting his website.

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