National Adhesive Inc: Scaling Its Success by Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction

More than producing high-quality products, what makes a business thrive and grow is the relationship it builds with clients. As a testament to this, one impressive venture has managed to stand out from the competition because of its stellar dedication to customer satisfaction, National Adhesive Inc.

The extraordinary brand does not consider itself as simply a retail company. Instead, it is a marketing and customer-focused enterprise that provides practical and effective solutions to consumers in the adhesive and sealant market. Because of this, the company remains steadfast in its mission to understand better the demands and needs of its clientele in everything it does.

The awe-inspiring company confidently affirmed its vision and proudly shared what separates it from the rest. It said, “Making it easy. Everything we do revolves around that one statement and the questions we ask. So how do we make it easier for our customers and easier to provide that level and service to our customers?”

Recently, National Adhesive launched a new program that revolutionized its customers’ shopping experience. Using state-of-the-art technology, the brand created a knowledge-based interactive platform that removes the guessing game involved when deciding which product to use. In addition to that, it features a user-friendly interface that simplifies the overall purchasing process. Furthermore, it encourages users to join a tight-knit and helpful community that shares knowledge and tips with one another. 

Because of its remarkable commitment to its clients and top-of-the-line premium products, the promising venture has quickly become one of the key players in its industry. Despite being in the business for only three years, it has captured the trust and loyalty of many customers; in the process, it excellently established itself as the fastest-growing adhesive and sealant company in the North American region. 

Another significant factor contributing to the venture’s success is the guidance of its parent company GlueDevil, the leading producer of caulks, sealants, and adhesives across Southern Africa with more than 25 years of experience under its belt. As part of the powerhouse’s expansion efforts, National Adhesive was created to cater to the North American market. It also rebranded GlueDevil to GlueAngel. 

In its quest to continue dominating the market, the enterprise saw a one-of-a-kind opportunity to supply a number of industry-specific lines that fall outside its existing products. Thus, the THICC brand was created. 

The well-rounded business empire has options for people from all walks of life; whether it is someone who loves to do DIY crafts or professionals such as contractors and builders, they can find what they need from the stellar company.

With its relentless drive to scale its success, it is only a matter of months before National Adhesive reaches the top of the adhesive and sealant market. The innovative brand is determined to solidify its reputation of being the industry authority. TO achieve this incredible goal, the brand is preparing several exciting plans and projects in the upcoming days. Find out more about National Adhesive Inc by visiting its official website. You can also check out GlueAngel and THICC Tape.

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