MobileyMe, the Highly-Anticipated Mobile App That Allows Users to Connect and Take Control

Today’s technology has not only allowed phones to ease the process of communicating with others, but its advancements have also enabled these handy tools to come with applications that spice up work, leisure, and people’s overall lifestyle. Among a plethora of apps are those that enable users to establish relationships with each other, purchase a much-needed item, land jobs, and more. Inarguably, smartphones have become an essential item in the everyday kit of billions of people worldwide that in the chance they get lost or misplaced, considerable distress is experienced. In recognition of its value and the nightmare that comes hand in hand with losing or breaking one’s phone, Myra Durrani is set to introduce the next must-have — MobileyMe.

This upcoming tech phenomenon is the product of the hard work and know-how of the team behind the startup, MobileyMe, which was founded by the fempreneur Myra Durrani. With more than fifteen years of experience dominating the commercial space thanks to her construction company and multiple other businesses, the go-getter is always on the move to make waves. Known for her strategic initiatives, results-oriented approach to issues, and award-winning career, this powerhouse now stands at the helm of MobileyMe, an application that will help users backup their data. 

MobileyMe aims to solve the prevalent problem of being locked out after people lose, break, or have their phones stolen. It takes pride in having found a revolutionary breakthrough in mobile application technology, capitalizing on it to ease users’ worries. “It bridges the gap by adding features that greatly enhance what is currently offered, which is quite simply inadequate for today’s communication needs. Our product is for every smartphone user in the world. Now, we have the solution to gain better control over your device instead of it controlling you,” Myra Durrani expounds.

Whether one is contending with the reality of a lost, malfunctioning, or dead device, they are allowed access to their phones even at a distance through the features available on MobileyMe. Purposefully designed to work on any device, it enables people to stay connected with family, friends, and loved ones, especially during critical times and emergencies. This feat is made possible because the application lets a person access their contacts, as well as text or call them, from any device. 

Currently, MobileyMe boasts an inventory of incredible functions, including remote access, a core VolP Network that makes it possible to make calls through the Internet, ten gigabytes of complementary data storage, a free VPN blocker, and more. On top of securing a patent, the startup that birthed this tech wonder has also raised over $100,000 and hopes to see the same level of support with its new crowdfunding campaign on Fundopolis, the equity crowdfunding company known for empowering individuals and communities to invest in and businesses they love. 

MobileyMe is expected to rise through the ranks upon its launch, and after its successful beta release on TestFlight, the highly-anticipated application is on track to take center stage. With its promise to make anyone feel secure knowing they will be able to contact family, conduct business as usual, and have access to their data anytime and anywhere, it is bound to secure a position at the forefront of the mobile application industry.

Learn more about MobileyMe by visiting its website. More information about the application can also be found here

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