Miley Cyrus Uncovers Getting Separated From Liam Hemsworth Felt "Like a Death"

Miley Cyrus Uncovers Getting Separated From Liam Hemsworth Felt “Like a Death”

Miley Cyrus is getting sincere about her “extremely open” split from ex Liam Hemsworth. 

Miley says that getting a separation from Liam was “like a demise.” 

Separations are rarely straightforward—particularly in case, you’re celebrated. Miley Cyrus opened up about her clear divorce from ex Liam Hemsworth during an appearance on Barstool Sports’ Call Her Daddy digital broadcast. 

“I had a very public, very big breakup that was ten years of a relationship,” she said on the podcast. “I tried not to get lost in the emotion… It’s like a death when you lose a loved one, it’s that deep. It feels like a death.”

She proceeds, “Honestly, sometimes [death] even feels easier because [with a breakup] the person is still walking on the earth.”

She proceeded, “Truly, in some cases [death] even feels simpler because [with a breakup] the individual is as yet strolling on the earth.” 

Miley and Liam’s long-term relationship started when they met on the arrangement of the sentiment film The Last Tune. They, at that point, continued to have a hit or miss relationship for quite a long time until they got hitched in December 2018 and split a couple of months after the fact. 

Miley then began dating Kaitlynn Carter soon after the separation, and afterward went into a relationship with Cody Simpson—who she as of late finished things with. She dropped a ton of sensations in the meeting, including how notwithstanding her various past connections, she’s just been enamored a couple of times. 

“I’ve been in love three times, but I’ve been in love more than I’ve loved anyone else one time,” she admitted. “I think that kind of sticks around… I don’t believe in one true love because there are qualities people bring to your life that someone else won’t.”

She added that she still thinks about one of her ex-girlfriends. “I’ve been in love [with] one person, who is a girl I still think about and dream about all the time,” she said. “But, you just know that something doesn’t fit.”

It will be ideal if you pardon me while I recoup from this noteworthy meeting.

Insane to think we went two entire months without a solitary Miley and Cody update, however here we are! Miley and Cody are as yet going solid, and a People source uncovers that Cody’s been great for Miley’s new calm way of life. 

“She is very happy to be dating Cody. He is very much into clean, healthy living and supports her sobriety,” the source says. “They are a great couple.”

Cody posts a super-charming pic of himself and Miley nestling up in the secondary lounge of a vehicle to his Insta Story and says he’s “enamored with my closest companion.” Awwww. Might I venture to state… they’re at last developing on me??? 

Miley and Cody separate. 🙁 After being together for close to 12 months, they go separate ways as Miley affirms the news in an Insta Live. 

“A year ago, almost to this exact date, the media tried to tell my story for me, and control my narrative, and I’m just not accepting that. And so today, it came out that me and my boyfriend have broken up. It was confirmed by a ‘reliable source’ even though no one is reliable in a relationship except the individuals who are participating in it. But right now, two halves can’t make a whole and we’re individually just working on ourselves to become the people that we wanna be, like everybody else at this age. We are just deciding who we wanna be with our lives, what we wanna do with our lives, and so, don’t make it some drama story if next week we’re out hanging out, getting pizza. We’ve been friends for 10 years and we’re going to continue to be friends, so just don’t make it something that it is not.”

That’s all for now. Since Miley and Cody are no longer together, you might also meander on over to Miley’s new single “Midnight Sky,” which happened to release the heart-breaking news.

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