Matchmaker Chioma “Chi” Amaefule Will Set You Up for Love

For people too busy to find love, there are matchmakers out there like Chioma “Chi” Amaefule to help you find your match. 

Chioma “Chi” Amaefule is a certified matchmaker and dating specialist based in Seattle. Her mission is to help single black men and women all over the US find the perfect match on their behalf. Chi wants to help others navigate through the ups and downs of dating and relationships and provide a new sense of appreciation for love and happiness.

Many people may ask, why matchmaking? The answer is, Chi also had her heart broken. Her past is something that hurt her. However, instead of weighing her down, her past became a reason for her to move forward. And so, inspired by love and life, Chi decided to build her brand on dating and matchmaking, NYA Love and Dating Services. NYA stands for “Not Your Average,” and with that, she says, everyone deserves a love greater than they could ever imagine. 

For Chi, there are a lot of people who have given up on love or finding someone to call their own. “I want to help reignite that flame of hope that they’ve lost and help them seek out what their hearts truly desire,” she shares. People can go for dating apps, but tapping a matchmaker to do their magic makes a whole lot of difference.

This year, Chi is on her way to make herself known. There aren’t very many certified black matchmakers in this world, so she wanted to stand out by being approachable, direct, understanding, and passionate about what she does and how she can help the community. “I want to show them that matchmakers that look like them do exist and that they are not alone,” Chi adds.

And just like that, more than love, Chi believes in equal representation. Being in the industry of matchmaking, it is important for her to be able to make a name for herself as one of the most notable black matchmakers in the world.

Many matchmaking companies across the US are white and are only for those with yachts and the ultrawealthy; Chi wants to change that.

Unlike matchmaking companies that are pretty expensive, her prices are extremely competitive. After all, what she does isn’t just to earn; her dedication to her work is mostly because of wanting others to experience love in all forms, whether it’s with themselves or with someone else. 

Her specialties include recognizing dating patterns, moving on after a breakup, helping you pick up the pieces, matchmaking, self-love and confidence, wardrobe suggestions, maintaining current relationships, opening up your heart, dating and love advice, tips and tricks for dating during the pandemic, dating app or profile assistance, and even ghostwriting. Definitely, when it comes to matchmaking, Chi has got it all.

More importantly, Chi is looking forward to seeing people get excited about booking their matchmaking consultation with her. She wants them to feel invigorated, hopeful, and looking forward to coming to her with an open mind and heart. After all, love is the most beautiful thing, and Chi is here to make it happen. “I don’t want anyone to give up their happily ever after,” she says.To know more about Chioma “Chi” Amaefule, visit her website.

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