Lil Sporty D Propels Next-Generation Artists Toward the Summit Through Mentality Music Entertainment

Inarguably, musicians fortunate enough to have the support of major labels enjoy advantages that those who are trying to break into the music scene independently could not. At times, what spells success for these aspirants is the level of support and the opportunities they are given through the linkages established by their labels. On a mission to propel hopefuls toward the summit of the industry, Damien Harris, better known as Lil Sporty D, launched his own success-enabling platform. 

Lil Sporty D is a musician, sound engineer, songwriter, and entrepreneur at the helm of Mentality Music Entertainment, a local record label based in New Orleans, Louisiana. This purpose-driven company is acclaimed for its excellence in numerous areas, from music recording, sound engineering, and producing to publishing and distributing. 

Since its establishment, Mentality Music Entertainment has pushed the career of numerous personalities, and the rate with which it has managed to send artists toward the forefront is thanks to its founder’s passion for the craft. 

Lil Sporty D started his music career at the age of 12, recording songs on cassette tapes with his brothers and their friends. Hailing from Marrero, Louisiana, this passionate artist realized early on that he wanted to follow a musician’s path and heed the call of this particular form of art. 

Drawing inspiration from New Orleans rap superstar Master P, this creative mind began his journey and has come so far in his pursuits. Today, Lil Sporty D has collaborated with numerous artists and featured in several tracks. He is the multi-talented star behind the single “Certified,” which was released last June 12, 2020, and highlighted the skills of Magnolia Chop and Jay Jones, and is expected to release “Fearless.” Featuring Kidd Kidd, Young Juve, and Abg Keith, Fearless will showcase the artistry and distinctive style of Lil Sporty D. 

Banking on his love for the craft and armed with his knowledge about how the industry works, this record label founder goes the extra mile in equipping budding musicians with the tools and information they need to make it in the highly competitive music scene. On top of his quality songs that people could relate to, he is gaining recognition for dedicating himself and his company to be at the service of next-generation artists, producers, songwriters, and engineers.

Along with acting as a support system for those dipping their toes in the cutthroat music industry, Lil Sporty D and Mentality Music Entertainment teach their roster of talents how to build their brand and develop businesses once they fulfill their ultimate goal of evolving into household names. 

In the coming years, Lil Sporty D hopes to transform his brainchild into one of the country’s top 5 most successful record labels. While he is set on climbing the charts and finding his way to people’s playlists by releasing memorable songs, he is also committed to launching new businesses that can help strengthen the education system. In particular, he hopes to introduce platforms designed to teach kids and the youth how to manage their finances.

Most notable, this visionary spearheading Mentality Music Entertainment aims to inspire others into action through his story. Growing up in the toughest neighborhood in his hometown, Lil Sporty D had to overcome numerous challenges. But fueled by the vision of a better future, he currently stands as an esteemed personality poised to rise even further. 

Learn more about Lil Sporty D by visiting his Facebook page.

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