Klepto Bears: Nostalgic NFTs Created by Artist Amber Marie

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NFTs are the latest investment pieces to look out for, and in the sea of unique digital art turned into these collectible tokens, it can be challenging to find something that stands out. Coming out later this month, Klepto Bears is a line of NFTs that blends artistry, nostalgia, and storytelling.

Klepto Bears is a project created by Amber Marie. Although she has explored digital art only recently, she has been an artist for years. Born in Denver, Colorado, Amber always had an interest in the visual arts. As a child, she would often draw her dreams or create still life studies of the objects in her home. She excelled in art throughout her academic run and even pursued an art-focused degree in college. 

But like many artists before her, Amber Marie found the academic constraints too rigid for her to find her voice and artist. So after leaving college, she moved to Las Vegas, where she found her calling. Amber began working in the photography industry doing makeup and body art. She had a thriving career, but COVID-19 put a pause to all that. As the pandemic affected the body art community, Amber turned to other forms of visual art. 

Eventually, Amber Marie met Arman Izadi and Danny Lorden of the Graffiti Mansion. Knowing her background in makeup and body art, they saw Amber’s potential as a graffiti artist. So they let her join their team and showed her the ropes. They developed a great working relationship, but Amber had other dreams in mind.

Amber Marie wanted to experiment with digital art and make NFTs. The Graffiti Mansion team supported her decision, and Arman also donated 100,000 dollars towards the Klepto Bear loot boxes. With her project backed by a supportive team, Amber Marie started creating Klepto Bears.

The idea for Klepto Bears came from Amber Marie’s beloved stuffed bear from when she was five years old. A gift from her grandmother, the bear held a special place in her life. As she grew older, the bear came to represent childhood imagination. Because the bear is linked to a more imaginative time and an abundant source of nostalgia, the Klepto Bears design combines both of these concepts.

Each Klepto Bear asset is designed with a specific story in mind. Their design also features references to books, movies, fashion, and culture of the past. In addition, each bear has a different collection of nostalgic mementos surrounding it, reflecting a life it has lived and mirroring the human experience of collecting baubles from the past. 

Each Klepto Bear asset is a piece of art imbued with Amber Marie’s signature style of combining rich colors with fine details and intricate linework. The 2D style of Klepto Bears is also a fun callback to the art style most people grew up with.

Aside from unique art pieces, some Klepto Bears are also an NFT Vault, with prizes for every 1,000th item in the collection. With a prize pool worth $100,000 for owners of bears to win for each 1,000th NFT that gets sold. All the prizes are embedded in vaults which are all open when the collection sells out. The prizes include items like iPhone 13 for Mint #1,000, iPadPro for Mint #2,000, LG TV for Mint #3,000, PlayStation 5 for Mint #4,000, Xbox X for Mint #5,000, Macbook Pro for Mint #6,000, Versace Robe for Mint #7,000, LV Backpack for Mint #8,000, Rolex for Mint #9,000 and Tesla for Mint #10,000. Once these bears have been minted and loot has been given to the vault owners, Amber Marie will begin to release stories that tell the tale of these mischievous bears. These stories will be available as a free NFT for all bear holders.

A healthy dose of nostalgia never hurts anybody, and in this case, it can even be a good investment. Klepto Bears become the modern-day iteration of childhood teddy bears, connecting our childhood with the currency of the future.

Klepto Bears are imaginative art pieces to be released as NFTs soon. To find out more, visit the Klepto Bears website.

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