Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Jury rules in favor of Johnny Depp after seven week-long trial

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The jury in the defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has found in Johnny Depp’s favor, finding that an editorial she penned for the Washington Post defamed her ex-husband. 

The jury’s unanimous judgment on Wednesday brought to a close a seven-week trial in a Virginia courtroom that included scores of witnesses and experts debating whether Depp was abusive to Heard – or vice versa – during their 15-month marriage. 

Depp was awarded $15 million by jurors after they found him guilty of slander on three counts. Due to a state law limit on punitive penalties, the judge later reduced the award to $10.35 million. “The jury handed me my life back,” Depp stated in a statement, six years after Heard accused him of domestic abuse. “I am in awe of you.” 

Heard was successful on one count of her countersuit, in which she sought $100 million and claimed she was defamed by a Depp publicity agent who labeled her charges “an abuse fake” intended to profit from the #MeToo movement. 

She received a $2 million settlement. 

Depp did not attend the hearing and instead watched from the United Kingdom. As the verdict was given out, Heard was in the courtroom. 

“My choice to pursue this lawsuit, knowing very well the height of the legal barriers that I would be facing and the inevitable, global spectacle into my life, was only decided after much contemplation,” Depp stated in a statement sent through a spokesman. 

“Regardless of the outcome, the purpose of bringing this case was to uncover the truth from the start.” I owed it to my children and all those who have stood by my side through thick and thin. I’m relieved that I’ve finally gotten it done.” 

“I hope that my quest for the truth has aided others, men and women, who have found themselves in my predicament, and that those who support them never give up,” Depp continued. 

“I also hope that, both in the courts and in the media, the position will now be reverted to innocent until proven guilty.” 

“Veritas numquam perit” – Truth never dies – the actor signed his declaration. 

Heard abruptly exited the courtroom. The 36-year-old actor, however, expressed her displeasure with the decision on Twitter shortly after. 

“I can’t express how disappointed I am right now.” “I’m heartbroken that my ex-disproportionate husband’s power, influence, and sway could not be overcome despite the mountain of evidence,” Heard said. 

“What this decision signifies for other women makes me even more disappointed.” It’s a reversal of fortune. It reverts to a time when a woman who spoke up and spoke out was publicly humiliated. It undermines the notion that violence against women is a major issue,” she said.

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