Industry warns of tense situation amidst Germany beer bottle shortage

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Due to growing manufacturing costs and a shortage of lorry drivers, German breweries are predicting a bottle shortage this summer. 

According to the German Brewers’ Federation’s senior executive, the situation is “very tight.” 

According to an industry expert, the glass bottle shortfall will primarily affect small and medium-sized breweries. 

Brewers are paying 80 percent more for new glass bottles than a year earlier. Beer is also becoming more expensive. 

A rise in energy prices is one of the causes of the shortfall, according to a glass industry spokesperson who talked to Bild. 

Furthermore, according to Holger Eichele of the German Brewers’ Federation, a shortage of lorry drivers makes it difficult to maintain supply networks. As a result, he claimed, the price of new glass bottles had virtually doubled in the previous year. 

It comes after warnings that the price of German beer could climb by up to 30% as a result of rising energy prices. Because larger brewers are normally supplied first, the bottle scarcity is expected to affect smaller breweries the most. 

Mr Eichele advised Germans to return glass bottles to stores as soon as possible, and not to “hoard empties in the cellar.” 

Glass bottles, which are widely used in Germany, are sold with a small deposit, and beer drinkers are expected to return them to the establishment when ordering their next round. 

Cans are significantly less widespread in other parts of the world, and many breweries employ specialized bottles that are difficult to replace.

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