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More than just financial decisions affect a person’s financial health. A person may not  see the effects of their current life choices, but they hold a significant impact in their future. Achieving a healthy financial life requires awareness of one’s self-identity and how they choose to express it. 

Fuel Your Legacy offers the first step to identifying your identity. The brand was created by Sam Knickerbocker with the intent to empower you with the financial confidence and expertise to live your own meaningful legacy. The purpose is to “fuel” a person’s legacy by assisting them in identifying something worthy to look back and leave behind.

Sam Knickerbocker, the founder, experienced poverty during his childhood years. During that time, he adopted many identities that forced him to grow and be equipped with the skillset and mindset of a person with excellent financial management. One of the most common mistakes made by other financial experts is the dogmatic focus on how  to survive poverty, while being willfully blind to its deeper causes.

Fuel Your Legacy earned its recognition by being different from its competitors. Sam Knickerbocker focuses on the root cause of poverty (the habits, mindsets, and behaviours) and determining impeccable mindsets of legacy building. As Sam shared his expertise with people who needed it, he began to successfully transform their lives. Fuel Your Legacy commits to providing a different level of influence than you will ever find from its competitors.

What Sam Knickerbocker noticed over the years was that people often struggle to  determine their value in the marketplace. Many think they have so little to offer when, in fact, they have their very own unique perspectives on life. With this misconception, people tend to underestimate their ability for financial security, impacting not just their financial freedom but more importantly their family relationships. Fuel Your Legacy exists to let all those that identify with this realize their value and  know that they are worthy of their wildest dreams. 

Many of the raving fans of the Fuel Your Legacy brand were initially middle-class citizens.  They were exhausted from working long hours and feeling undervalued for all their hard work. Since working with Fuel Your Legacy, their mindsets around money have completely changed and the cash has started flowing. Fuel Your Legacy has also had great success with those wanting to retire but are hesitant to do so because of financial instability. Sam Knickerbocker aims to help this demographic understand more about taxes and strategies to retire at the right time without leaving anything but a remarkable legacy.

Fuel Your Legacy is the only brand that combines every critical aspect of finances with the understanding of how we emotionally experience life. It fosters a mindset that thrives on financial freedom. By doing so, many clients have been able to enjoy more time with their families and friends. The worries about tomorrow’s problems have faded away because their financial literacy  is unshakeable.

When working with Fuel Your Legacy, you will identify your true value and begin to ponder how you can showcase your talents while contributing to your finances at the same time. You will begin to understand how to make decisions based on how you want to be remembered, instead of what you must do to survive. 

To fuel your meaningful legacy, please visit Sam Knickerbocker here.

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