How Khalid Ahmed Bounced Back and Made It to the Forefront of Multiple Ventures

Thousands of successful individuals have talked about how the lowest points in their lives became building blocks that led them to impressive heights in their respective careers. If there is one thing that these people have learned from their past experiences, it is that greatness takes time. They have proven that genuine success cannot be achieved without hurdling many obstacles and embracing countless defeats. The same is true for 24-year-old Khalid Ahmed, a must-watch entrepreneurial force in the digital space.

Going by the name ISELLCOIN online, Khalid Ahmed has established himself at the forefront of the entrepreneurial landscape and the crypto world. His success is a culmination of the difficulties he had to face in the past. “Unlike most people, I was forced to achieve financial success at a young age. My early success was dictated by the need to pay my own medical bills. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of nine and went into septic shock shortly after my diagnosis,” he shared in an interview. 

The challenges that Khalid Ahmed previously encountered could have easily thrown anyone off the track. However, the visionary took his adversities as an opportunity to tap into his potential and become the best version of himself. “I then made it my mission in life to make sure my family will never be in this position again. I seared this into my brain and stepped up,” he explained. 

Immensely fueled by the desire to turn his life around, Khalid Ahmed began dipping his toes into the entrepreneurial scene during his high school and college years. One day in 2105, he met a client slightly older than him and offered him a significantly huge price for 4 AMD Radeon Graphics cards. After the transaction, he found out that the cards would be used for Bitcoin. Little did he know that this fateful encounter would change his life forever. 

Khalid Ahmed put a bit of money into Bitcoin, and after its meteoric rise, the thousands he invested evolved into a whopping six-figure amount. He sold some of the Bitcoin and gave all the money to his parents, who were finally able to buy a house in West Covina. 

“I expanded into selling fully-ready video game rigs with graphic cards included,” Khalid Ahmed said. “My business did well, and I began making contacts with suppliers in China.” These partnerships gave him the opportunity to venture into multiple successful projects in the e-commerce arena. He even got the chance to lease warehouses in the United States. However, once he established himself, he decided to cut ties with his former partners and sell his pocket knife company and outdoor niche store. 

Today, Khalid Ahmed is the owner of two companies selling weighted blankets and computer parts. On top of that, he is also an angel investor, and his most recent venture was to fund a ‘series A round’ for DOGPOUND, the most exclusive gym in the country. His fellow investors include big-time celebrities Tom Holland and Adriana Lima. With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, the go-getter continues to rise on top, proving that he is a force to be reckoned with. 

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