How Entrepreneur Arman Izadi Saved Several NFT Communities from Folding

Just like all entrepreneurs, businessmen and well-known social media insiders, Arman Izadi understands the many risks and rewards involved in pursuing crypto investments. The new popularity of the NFT sector    . As he himself believes in the value and potential of crypto and NFTs as investments, he could not see it in himself to be a quiet spectator as some communities encountered a considerable slump after launching their tokens. Believing that there are NFT communities worth saving, he did not hesitate to invest in them so they could recover and add value to their holders. 

Just recently, Arman Izadi acquired the Lucky Buddha collection from its original creators and transformed this failing project into the Lucky Club. After his support revitalized the community, Graffiti Mansion Labs generously dropped 8,888 Foo Dogs tokens for free to all existing and future Buddha holders. 

Apart from the Lucky Buddha, he also stepped in to save the Sol Toads token holders after the team abandoned the project and shut it down without prior notice. The dedicated entrepreneur spent thousands upon thousands of dollars to recreate the entire token collection and give holders the same token ID that they had before, with a new spin. 

Additionally, Izadi recently put out a free project on Ethereum with 420 8-bit mansions styled after the popular Graffiti Mansion in Las Vegas, which was well-received by the community with all tokens minted out minutes after the launch. 

He is also quite a famous technology entrepreneur and is known as the world’s most successful avatars of viral media. He consulted for many of the highest-grossing nightclubs in the world, including some of the most exciting locations such as Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Macau. If anything, he has been a visionary that helped these venues generate phenomenal profits. 

Also best known as the mood director, Izadi is also the thriving creator behind Graffiti Mansion in Las Vegas. It combines street art with a priceless experience for all its clients who come from all across the world to try it out. It creates the unique activations that bring pop culture to life in a visually stunning display of colors. He purposely designed Graffiti Mansion to provide clients with an extraordinary experience that actively promotes a sense of community, artistic expression, and creative ingenuity. 

The Graffiti Mansion has done multiple hugely successful projects, including the #VegasStrong Mansion to the Gingerbread Mansion with a Christmas theme, the Graffiti Fortnight Mansion, the Muhaha Graffiti Mansion, and the Supreme Mansion. Izadi’s team is made of international artists who passionately work together to transform some of the most iconic neighborhoods in the country into luxury mansion estates with extraordinary art exhibits. 

Izadi was also the person behind the first-ever wedding PPV in history involving YouTube personalities Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau. The wedding PPV went viral and sold more than $1.5 million in views. His idea of holding a very exclusive event with limited space and a list of remarkable celebrities doing PPV proved to be a phenomenal success. 

With his string of consistent successes, there is no doubt that Izadi is one to watch. Learn more about Graffiti Mansion by visiting its website. Follow its Instagram and Facebook accounts for updates on its latest projects.

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