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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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How Dhana Bunel Promotes Holistic Health for Her Community

How Dhana Bunel Promotes Holistic Health for Her Community
Photo Courtesy: Margot Cam / @dhanabunel / @chez_graze / MUA: Clotilde Garnier

By: SGG Public Relations

People are increasingly turning to holistic health practices in today’s fast-paced world. This shift reflects a growing understanding that well-being is multifaceted, encompassing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Gone are the days when people thought that health just meant a visit to the doctor. Now, they invest in their surroundings to ensure they receive quality products and services–especially from the food they eat.

Dhana Bunel believes that being healthy doesn’t have to be dull and flavorless food. More importantly, it doesn’t mean passing on food trends that everybody else enjoys. Take, for instance, the grazing table and charcuterie boards that often become a party’s highlight because of the various gastronomical delights on display. Who would want to miss out on that? 

Seeing the opportunity in this niche market, Dhana established Chez Graze, a catering company that promotes the “Art of Gourmet Health.” 

“At Chez Graze, we are particularly proud to say that our tables and boards are as beautiful and tasty as any gourmet food could be. All this dimension on keeping our goal to serve healthy food is a priority,” Dhana said. 

The Colombian-born business owner saw how companies across various sectors offered wellness in their products and services. However, they often followed traditional ideas and paths that didn’t always value innovation. 

Chez Graze creates charcuterie platters or tables for diverse events emphasizing fruits and vegetables alongside charcuterie and cheese by presenting them aesthetically. 

In the meantime, Dhana envisions remarkable growth and significant steps for Chez Graze. She plans to create meaningful partnerships with local producers from organic farms to lessen their carbon footprint and promote the local economy, which could also benefit from a purchasing center. Dhana also hopes to collaborate with innovative companies that promote sustainability, such as lessening their plastic waste or consumption or delivering goods and services through electric vehicles, along with local governments that promote sustainability to reach a broader audience. 

Dhana is likewise planning to create new proposals for gourmet, appetizing, and balanced recipes to add to Chez Graze’s menu. 

Besides physical wellness, Dhana is leaving her mark in her community by promoting women’s mental well-being. Motherhood opened her to the world of content creation, where she created her platform by sharing her fashion sense, which other women found inspiring because of how she presented herself and embraced her identity. 

“I had to learn to love and accept myself as I am and to find the perfection of my imperfect nature. It is also something that I genuinely try to put out in the world and encourage my community to see the beauty of their uniqueness,” she said. 

She also shares any developments and significant steps she took in her life on her personal Instagram social media account, which she made public in January 2022. Seeing her bravely take on the role of entrepreneur while balancing motherhood inspired many others to pursue both opportunities without shame or pressure. 

Dhana hires women and mothers in Chez Graze, in line with the ideals she set in motion through her social media platforms, to help them find their footing in the world and create a career for themselves in the food industry or their respective career paths. 

“I want to help other women to become financially independent and successful on their own and make a difference in this unbalanced world,” the entrepreneur said. 

Creating something meaningful isn’t always easy, but Dhana proves that the ideal purpose can fuel people to do the right thing for their respective communities. For Dhana, it was by empowering women one post at a time or through healthy, sumptuous food that everyone can enjoy. 


Published by: Martin De Juan

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