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How Cannabis Authority Joshua Haupt Turned Adversity Into Success

American writer William Arthur Ward once said, “Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.” This quote resonates with innovator and serial entrepreneur Joshua Haupt as his journey to becoming an authority in the cannabis industry started with an unfortunate incident.

Joshua was only 14 years old when he got into a snowboarding accident that resulted in a major break on his arm and shoulder. This triggered juvenile epilepsy, which led to his lifelong journey with the condition.

He then spent five years trying to control his seizures using traditional medicine and heavy pharmaceuticals. However, he eventually realized that he could better treat and control his epilepsy through a more holistic, healthy, and sustainable solution consisting of exercise, diet, CBD, and cannabis.

The Colorado resident obtained a medical cannabis card in 2006, and he went on to learn as much as he could about it. So when the state finally approved it for recreational use in 2012, the dedicated entrepreneur already had a profound understanding of cannabis. In addition, he had also developed new growing methods that dramatically increased both the yield and quality of a single plant. 

Joshua Haupt then decided to bring his innovations to a larger scale and apply these methods at several commercial grow facilities under several of the first recreational marijuana licenses in Colorado. This paved the way for the insightful individual to create several ventures that helped elevate the cannabis space. 

He wrote Three-a-Light, the first simple “How to Grow” cannabis book and sold hundreds of copies on the internet through his company Pono Publications. Because of the extensive knowledge he demonstrated, the author was approached by numerous commercial grow operations in multiple states requesting his help to improve their grows. The influx of inquiries motivated him to create the Cultivation Max consulting service.

On top of that, he founded Success Nutrients, a pioneering cannabis-specific nutrient line. It utilizes a nine-part system designed to support the growth of a cannabis plant at each major phase of its life cycle. Joshua Haupt himself developed the formula with the help of agricultural chemists at Colorado State University. 

These enterprises each have their significant contributions to improving the cannabis space. In 2017, the founder decided to sell them to Medicine Man Technologies with the mission of furthering the industry. He also became part of the rapidly growing brand as Chief Cultivation Officer and Chief Revenue Officer for more than four years.

Eventually, Joshua Haupt decided to step down and start new projects. This time, he ventured into unleashing his creativity through Artsy Colorado. It is a new cannabis, packaging and apparel line that partners with cultivation’s across the U.S. to serve the recreational market.

Joshua Haupt’s immense success is a testament that setbacks do not define a person. The incredible entrepreneur hopes that his story will inspire others to pursue their dreams in life with business. He also aims to be a beacon of hope for people who have epilepsy, that they too can find a solution for their condition.

Moving forward, he plans to continue his advocacy and promote the safe and effective use of cannabis by supporting cultivators across the world.

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