How ArieCan Productions Celebrates Rich Baltimore Talent

Many talented actors want to build successful careers in mainstream movies or television shows. But that dream is not as easy to achieve as it seems. While there is an abundance of talented artists, there is a lack of opportunities and avenues for them to be part of projects. Enter ArieCan Productions. This homegrown production company celebrates Baltimore’s talent and gives them an opportunity to shine. 

ArieCan Productions is the brainchild of Baltimore natives and longtime friends Larry Harris and Leonard Martin. They founded this production company in 2017, and since then, they have created hit web series like Chapter 2, Dear Diary, and Secrets. Their shows are available online and on streaming services.

“It all began with a dream,” Leonard Martin said, “Baltimore has a lot of talented people with loads of potential, but they were not getting the exposure or recognition they deserved.” Co-owner of ArieCan Productions Larry Harris also said they wanted to be part of shows, but no one hired them, not even as extras on set. “But in retrospect, being told no was the best thing that happened to us,” Harris said.

Disappointed at the lack of opportunity and representation, Harris and Martin created their production company to serve as a platform for homegrown Baltimore talent. From the very beginning, they hire people based on their talent and nothing more. “For us, talent speaks volumes,” Martin shared. ArieCan Productions started on YouTube with their dramedy Chapter 2. Upon releasing the first nine episodes of this web series, they garnered over 300,000 views. From there, it grew and gained a lot of positive attention. “After that, we were met with great success on Amazon Prime,” Harris said, “And being on that platform helped solidify ArieCan as a production company to be reckoned with in the industry.”

Larry Harris and Leonard Martin created ArieCan Productions as a way to build doors of opportunity for their community. They are self-taught in everything production-wise, but that does not stop them from creating shows that appeal to the public. Harris shared, “As far as production is concerned, we were definitely the underdogs. But we are dedicated to our craft, and we are passionate about providing a platform for talented Baltimore residents.”

ArieCan Productions have succeeded in providing diverse stories. As Baltimore’s premiere production company, they have built a reputation for creating stellar shows, giving audiences drama, laughter and thrills. Larry Harris said, “It has been such a wild ride. We did not know what we were doing at first, but we learned everything we could as we went along.”

ArieCan Productions have humble beginnings, but they are slowly becoming a household name in their area. Larry Harris and Leonard Martin have grand plans for their production company. They hope to keep making popular shows and continuing to serve as a platform for all the talented Baltimore natives. “They have been told no and rejected because of their looks rather than a lack of talent,” Harris said, “So ArieCan will provide a home for them and create shows that can showcase their incredible skills.

ArieCan Productions is a production company based in Baltimore. Their hit web series Chapter 2, Dear Diary, and Secrets, has given opportunities for talented Baltimore natives to showcase their skills. To learn more, you can visit their website.

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