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Gregory Shepard on Steering Entrepreneurs Away from Business Pitfalls Through BOSS Startup Science

Regardless of how advanced digital technology is and how far it can take today’s ventures, the commercial realm is cut-throat and ruthless enough to kick startups to the sideline. Yes, the space has grown more accessible for any go-getters wishing to make their mark, but the fact that 90% of new businesses fail remains. Highly cognizant of this unfortunate reality within the entrepreneurial world, Gregory Shepard has taken up the mission to guide budding powerhouses and steer them in the direction of success.

The mind behind BOSS Capital Partners and BOSS Startup Science, Gregory Shepard has a long list of accomplishments under his belt, which is not surprising when one considers his domination of several industries for the past two decades. This multifaceted power player, whose bold moves as an entrepreneur, author, investor, and speaker have propelled him to great heights, is credited for the creation of twelve liquidated businesses in BioTech, TransitTech, AdTech, and MarTech.

A recipient of four private equity awards for transactions between $250M to $1B, Gregory Shepard has demonstrated his expertise as a serial entrepreneur and his ability to enable success for others by founding one of the most well-trusted learning centers, BOSS Startup Science.

This brainchild of Gregory Shepard operates under the acknowledgment that there is a fine line between success and failure in the startup world. Fueled by the drive to help entrepreneurs walk that line, it goes all out in lending early-state founders a hand to avoid the common mistakes that, when committed, often result in dreams crushed and goals unrealized. To make it possible for those under its wing to materialize their long-held visions, BOSS Startup Science places emphasis on improving its clients’ understanding of how to start, grow and scale with less risk. Additionally, it wields the power of the BOSS method, a methodology that stands for “Business Operating Support System,” and focuses on providing a framework designed to achieve a successful liquidity event within five years. 

Apart from his strategic maneuvers as an entrepreneur, Gregory Shepard is also known for his publications. The thought leader is a podcast host of The BOSS Podcast  who has written over 100 articles published on 25 national and international platforms, such as Fortune, Entrepreneur, US News, World Report, The New York Observer, The DEAL and Thrive Global. Moreover, he has appeared on TV, radio, and over 100 popular podcasts and graced the stage as a keynote speaker at multiple universities and conferences worldwide. 

After expanding his portfolio to an impressive degree, it could be easy to jump to the conclusion that Gregory Shepard is ready to sit back and stay content with watching the empire he’s built grow even further. But, he shows no sign of slowing down. In the years to come, this widely acclaimed figure will continue to support countless aspirants in their journey to success. 

Learn more about Gregory Shepard by visiting his website. More information about BOSS Startup Science can also be found here.

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