Giliarto Jewelry Makes Customized Jewelry More Special Through Technology

Accessories are more than just a fashion statement nowadays. It has gained more sentimental value, especially when gifted to or received from someone special. Of course, to make it more special, customized jewelry pieces are available in the market, but most of them ask for additional costs for custom designs. Due to this problem, Giliarto Jewelry is the best choice for customized jewelry that will not cut a hole in anyone’s pockets. 

Everyone wants to feel special, and nothing says, “You are special” more than customized jewelry since it is one of a kind and tailored fit to suit one’s personal preferences. Before, there is a need to go to a jewelry shop and ask for a designer to relay their clients’ vision into a design. This process causes them to incur more costs. 

GIliarto Jewelry is here to revolutionize customized jewelry, making it easier and more accessible by utilizing digital platforms. Using top of the line technology, anyone can now design their jewelry with just a few clicks away. This advancement ensures that the outcome will satisfy the customer either for personal use or as a gift to someone special. 

GIliarto uses Clio technology utilized to provide the first and only three-dimensional jewelry customization tech. Anyone can easily choose the design and materials to be used and see the final output’s 3D representation. There is also a guide for the parts and terminologies to know for those who are new to jewelry, making anyone have the ability to create their design without worrying about messing it up. Gift giving and proposals are now made even more special with this customization option. 

Another advantage of this customization feature is that anyone can create their masterpiece even while sticking to a specific budget. Clio tech’s presence eliminates the additional customization costs and the miscommunication and revisions needed when the ideal design is not portrayed properly. In return, less waiting time is required to make the jewelry to materialize. 

For those who are doubting their artistic prowess, there’s no need to fret. GIliarto Jewelry carries a wide array of collections of different kinds of jewelry, such as rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Their collection includes multiple designs that fit anyone from different walks of life. 

Another perk in having an online shop is that people from different places can easily access, choose, and buy the jewelry they want. Especially now that there is a pandemic, it is a big help for those who want to give the people they love beautifully made jewelry in their own homes’ comfort. This advancement is perfect for those celebrating special moments in life, such as birthdays and anniversaries, despite this pandemic. 

Soon, Giliarto Jewelry is eyeing to completely rid of the need to go to a physical store to see the ring on the client’s finger in person. They are planning to optimize augmented reality technology to cater to ring fitting without actually making the ring. 

Giliarto Jewel has a future as bright as the stones they use. Head on to their official website to browse their catalog, make jewelry designs, or just be updated with their latest promos. 

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