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From Rags to Riches: Manny Khoshbin Offers the Blueprint to Real Estate Success With His Book and Trio of Coaching Programs

Success is all about hard work and finding one’s rhythm. Financial freedom can be achieved by a shift in one’s mindset, a willingness to learn, and a passion for one’s craft. Manny Khoshbin is a successful entrepreneur, real estate investor, and bestselling author who has managed to turn his life around with the invaluable knowledge and expertise that he has built through the years—the knowledge that he has compiled into his best-selling Contrarian Playbook.

Manny Khoshbin initially arrived in the United States from Iran in 1985. At the time, he was 14 years old, spoke no English, had no friends, and knew almost nothing about America. He was practically homeless, living in a car with his family and just trying to get by. He started his first “entrepreneurial” endeavor by dumpster diving and selling the goods that he would find at swap meets during the weekends.

Despite the trials and tribulations he faced daily. Manny never lost heart. He worked different jobs to provide for himself and his family. He worked as a K-Mart employee for almost 3 years. He sold nuts door-to-door. He was a mechanic at a tire shop and ventured into many more industries taking up odd jobs. 

Eventually, Manny Khoshbin would gain some momentum when he first dove into the real estate industry as a loan processor. Fast forward 29 years later, Manny has now amassed a massive fortune, buying and selling close to $1 billion in real estate. From his humble beginnings as a simple salesman, he has grown into a successful real estate investor.

Manny Khoshbin is also an avid car collector who owns a world-class collection that is valued at more than $35 million. Through the years, he has amassed a lot of influence online, garnering more than 4 million followers all across his social media accounts.

Manny Khoshbin wrote his first book in 2011, the best-selling Contrarian Playbook, which is a step-by-step guide to build a $100 real estate portfolio. He was prompted to write the book after receiving so many questions from people asking him how he made his money. So instead of just telling the people, Manny decided to teach the people and help them learn from the blueprint that he has built.

After hearing countless stories of success from the readers of his book, Manny Khoshbin discovered a new passion of giving back and passing on the torch through coaching and mentoring others on real estate investing. Manny’s discovery led him to create a triage of coaching programs that are designed to directly help any person at any level during their investment journey. It aims to level up his clients’ results by building and scaling real estate portfolios through his tried and tested methods.

Each program is designed to supplement each other and create successful investors no matter what level they are at. Real Estate Ignition is lifetime access to an online training program teaching Manny’s A-to-Z investing blueprint to help individuals get started in building their portfolios. It also comes with a financial starter kit that allows them to track their expenses and net worth.

Commercial Mastermind includes everything in Real Estate Ignition plus six months of exclusive group coaching, community access with high-level investors to network and partner on deals, how to outsource and scale a team, weekly coaching calls with Manny and other elite real estate experts, and over-the-shoulder access on Manny reviewing member’s deals.

Additionally, Contrarian Academy is the highest-level inner circle six-month membership that is a much more hands-on approach with Manny. It’s almost like having him as a partner in your investing journey. It includes everything in the other two programs plus five 1-on-1 property evaluations where Manny personally underwrites the deals to give full confidence in the right opportunities and diminish risk by avoiding the wrong deals. It’s clear to see that Manny Khoshbin is providing a proven learning experience for clients all over the world.

To know more about Manny Khoshbin, make sure to visit his official website.

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