Yellowstone: Is it reaching its zenith?

The Roy clan’s last season got a lot of praise from critics, but millions of fans may soon miss Yellowstone more. So why might it be ending? An old father

Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty quits third marriage

According to TMZ, 52-year-old Shannen Doherty served Kurt Iswarienko with divorce papers on Friday, April 21, in time for the weekend. The official paperwork, according to the news source, stated

R. Kelly

R. Kelly appeals sex trafficking conviction

Kelly received a 30-year prison term after being found guilty of federal offenses in Brooklyn, New York, last year. Kelly appealed against his conviction for racketeering and sex trafficking in


What are the expectations at the Oscars?

… Later, everyone will be watching Hollywood to see if Everything, Everywhere, Everytime can end its amazing awards season by taking home all the Oscars. The strange multiverse adventure is

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