Elamant International, a Product of Commitment According to CEO, Ryan Evans

“Commitment is still doing what you set out to do even when it’s hard. That’s when it matters.” -Ryan Evans, CEO of Elamant International. 

As a philanthropist, serial entrepreneur, public speaker, and a family man, Ryan is living proof of what commitment yields. Success does not happen by throwing a coin in the wishing well and hoping for success without putting any effort into it. It is like making a loaf of sourdough bread, it requires patience and perseverance to get the perfect fluffiness. This analogy is what Ryan applied in his journey. He garnered all the experiences he can get and used it to achieve his dreams and establish his empire, Elamant International. 

As his first venture, Ryan Evans established a technology company in the early 2010s. The said company was able to provide jobs to a lot of people and grew to multiple locations. Then, Ryan decided he needed to grow, and after a successful executive transition, he was given the role of Global Operations Director. He had to work on strategic planning, global growth, and training for a billion-dollar multinational corporation, which he did marvelously. Using his wit and will to succeed, he successfully gained three million international affiliates before he progressed to his new venture.

In 2017, Elamant International was established with Ryan Evans as the CEO. With him as the ship captain, his experiences from the business world helped steer this data research and analytics company to the right track. 

It may not be smooth sailing, but Ryan was committed to making Elamants one of the industry’s best. In line with this goal, they established a system better than a commission-based program. They offer an exclusive referral-only global membership program wherein members are given an all-access pass to value-added products and services such as Elamant’s travel portal and Success Training Institute’s soft skills personal development program. 

Another innovation from Elamant International is its hourly-paid consultation services, a sustainable system for its consultants, and the company. This system motivates its consultants to provide location-based support services for the members in their vicinity. The implementation of the said system helped the company grow exponentially. 

With this success, Ryan was invited to share his journey with Elamants International through featured articles in various publications, online programs, such as video channels, blogs, and forums. In addition to this, Ryan was also invited to talk both in person and virtually to millions of people who aspire to the same success. 

As a global brand, Elamant International now has 200,000 members worldwide, with a stable foundation in Africa and Asia. Eventually, they will expand and penetrate the market in Europe, Australia, and America. The expansion will be made possible by tirelessly working to build a massive merchant base starting from the thousands of retail merchants currently in their system. 

All of these happen simultaneously, with Ryan being a wonderful husband and father to their four children. Indeed, Commitment is the key to achieving great things in life, and it starts with knowing one’s passion. Visit his website to learn more about Ryan Evans and Elamant International. 

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