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E-commerce, Technology, and Natural-Based Products Is Unified Brand Lab’s Recipe For Success

There is a leading e-commerce platform that is on its way to dominating the world today, and that is Unified Brand Lab. When asked what makes them an e-commerce company to watch out for this year, the answers are right in front of you: e-commerce, technology, and natural-based products.

Founded by partners with more than a decade of e-commerce and technology experience, Unified Brand Lab is powered by its proprietary technology platform. They have created their own e-commerce ecosystem to scale brands and achieve profitability targets through data analysis, strategic customer acquisition, and supply chain management. 

This in-house technology platform effectively tracks, manages, and optimizes campaign profitability. The platform provides Unified’s brands with the right data and insights to maximize revenue and gross margin within a fast-moving e-commerce landscape of natural-based products, making it accessible for anyone, anywhere.

Because of this powerful and revolutionary platform, Unified Brand Lab has been building not only world-class but also profitable brands powering US-based and international consumers in the dietary supplement and natural health products market. Not only that, but they have also enabled and implemented a multi-currency program in USD, Euro, and GBP, which shows their growing international market.

For Unified Brand Lab, when growing specific e-commerce brands, it’s important to mitigate risk. With their powerful technology and a team dedicated to fraud prevention, chargeback mitigation, and refund rate optimization, they can detect unwanted e-commerce issues. 

In the e-commerce world, there is little margin for error, so their platform routes and tracks each product to its final destination for a timely delivery. They take pride in their hands-on customer service to provide consumers with excellent quality care, along with optimizing the brand’s retention rate. 

For Unified Brand Lab, supply chain management is key, and they have since source and supply 100% natural high-quality, lab-tested products.  

Moreover, there is complete management of all technical operations that drive customer acquisition campaigns, including both front-end and back-end development. Through data, the business optimizes all key performance indicators required in an e-commerce business, including but not limited to, conversion rates, retention rates, and lifetime value of customers.

Since 2015, Unified Brand Lab has been creating brands that span from beauty, essential oils, CBD or cannabidiol, weight loss, and male enhancement supplements. The successful brands they have launched include Nature’s Exclusive CBD, Body Performa, Bellera Skin, Real Oil, Maxx Men’s Nutrition, among many others. 

Today, Unified Brand Lab has made a name for itself as a powerful e-commerce platform building world-class, profitable brands taking over the US and a few international markets. Soon enough, it will expand to a more potentially huge market on its way to taking over the ecommerce world.

To learn more, visit Unified Brand Lab on their website.

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