Dr. V. Rao Emandi MD Introduces ClariGenZ™’s Focus Plus+ to the San Francisco Market

Addiction and other side effects are real things for people who rely on stimulants to perform or function. This has been a cause for concern for years, with health and wellness companies trying to come up with less harmful alternatives. However, there was a breath of relief when globally renowned cancer doctor, Dr. V. Rao Emandi launched Focus Plus+ under his company, ClariGenZ™.

ClariGenZ™’s Focus Plus+ is the product of unending research into novel solutions to help people with alternatives other than stimulants that are dangerous to their health. With a primary agent called Biocitroid™ obtained from the terpenes of citrus fruit, ClariGenZ™’s Focus Plus+ delivers razor-sharp clarity, intensity, and focus within 30 minutes with no dangerous side effects.

Dr. V. Rao Emandi MD is also the founder of Wellcare HMO, one of the largest health plans in the United States. So his commitment to providing excellent healthcare is not in question. ClariGenZ™’s Focus Plus+‘s biggest value is how it can be taken on-demand and still deliver immediate results with no side effects, unlike many other focus supplements that require weeks or months to work. It is designed to be a fast-acting, safe, natural, and non-habit-forming alternative to prescription stimulants. Focus Plus+ unleashes a steady cascade of human’s five intelligence neurotransmitters, Dopamine, Serotonin, Acetylcholine, Epinephrine, and Norepinephrine, while also helping to replenish them.  It also triggers intense focus and concentration that blocks out distractions and results in a powerful drive and motivation to get things done and achieve a productive day.

As an all-natural stimulant, Focus Plus+ has become a favorite for many people, especially in San Francisco. Dr. V. Rao Emandi MD has established a presence in the Bay Area and offers an alternative to caffeine and energy drink addiction. For someone with roots, ties, friends, and family in the Bay Area, San Francisco, Dr. Emandi is committed to helping people who need to work for long hours, solve problems, and be at their peak concentration level to benefit immensely from this.

ClariGenZ™ has become the messiah for people with ADHD, anxiety, and depression as it helps them manage their conditions better without the side effects of prescription drugs. Many users have also given their verdict on the supplement that it delivers adequate stimulation without detrimental side effects. It is guaranteed not to raise blood pressure, make the heart rate pound, or cause jitters, mood swings, restlessness, or insomnia. It also won’t show up in drug tests for amphetamines, THC, or stimulants for athletes or professionals who need some boost to perform optimally.

The use of BioCitroid™ is a novel move that is trailblazing modern stimulation offerings in the medical world. Also, being an all-natural, 100% vegan, gluten-free, caffeine-free, and soy-free easy-to-swallow capsule are major pluses of ClariGenZ™’s Focus Plus+.

Dr. V. Rao Emandi MD hopes to reduce addiction and dependency in young people in the next few years. Providing an effective alternative to Adderall and other stimulants is the first step to reducing the abuse of these addictive substances in young and old people. He hopes to see Focus Plus+ in every pharmacy in the United States and make it the first choice drug for people looking to focus and concentrate.

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