Dion Health’s New Healthcare Model Champions Holistic Health and Wellness

The dental space has remained unchanged for the most part over the last few decades. But the visionary Dr. Amin Samadian believes that for the industry to continue thriving, it needs to evolve and adapt to the needs of its clients. So he has developed a revolutionary solution that reinvents, redefines, and improves the healthcare industry to greater heights. 

As a renowned expert in the field, Dr. Samadian saw the value of creating a holistic approach that transcends traditional practices by integrating medical, dental and cosmetic care. His clinic Dion Health is the first to ever do this, using an innovative diagnosis and treatment planning system and allowing it to provide patients with quality healthcare that promotes overall wellness.

In keeping with its commitment to championing holistic well-being, the practice caters to various health concerns and specializes in TMJ disorders, sleep apnea, and myofascial health. As Dr. Samadian explained, “We realized that dental care is a great access point to screen our patients frequently. Therefore, we set the dental domain as the initiation point, and we branch off from there into overall health, as well as head and neck-specific treatments which are our main specialty.”

Dion Health is also a staunch advocate of preventive healthcare, which is why it has incorporated rigorous and thorough periodic examinations in its process. These include oral cancer screening, intraoral photos, sleep apnea and airway, occlusal wear and bite, periodontal and gum problems, TMJ and facial pain, dental decay, and cosmetic examination. In doing so, the clinic can pinpoint underlying health conditions and address them in a timely manner before they worsen and have a severe effect on a patient’s overall wellness. 

Dr. Samadian takes the highest regard when it comes to triaging his patients. Around 80% of people suffering from sleep apnea go undiagnosed. Dr. Samadian is leading the way in changing this statistic with his innovative treatment planning and diagnosing of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is also closely related to TMJ disorder. Approximately 52 percent of people who suffer from sleep apnea also suffer from TMJ disorder. With his triaging techniques, Dr. Samadian is paving the way to providing the best standard of care and treatments for his patients suffering from both sleep apnea and TMJ disorders. Each treatment plan is curated specifically for each patient as no case is the same. With the use of take home sleep study kits, cold laser therapy, and 3D designed nightguards and sleep appliances, Dr. Samadian can create the best plan using their state of the art technology. 

Dion Health has undeniably stayed true to its promise of providing clients with the gold standard in healthcare. This impressive accomplishment is made possible by its team of highly capable experts who share the clinic’s passion for its patients. It also utilizes state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology to give everyone top-notch dentistry services that improve their quality of life. 

Because of Dr. Amin Samadian’s dedication to his craft and the community, Dion Health sits among the leading dental practices in California. The clinic is also recognized by many as one of the most trusted and reliable healthcare providers in the state. In fact, it has gained a following among influencers in the area and is a top choice of individuals and families.

As Dion Health continues with its service, it remains steadfast in its mission of consolidating healthcare’s medical, dental, and aesthetic sectors. It also plans to broaden its horizons and expand to other areas and major cities so it can help more people achieve optimum health. 

As Dr. Amin Samadian said, “Our vision is to create a healthier society by providing unrestricted access to premier healthcare services delivered by top-notch, passionate, ever-learning and experienced professionals using the highest level of technology.”  

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