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Unveiling Truths, Connecting Communities

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Dillon Kivo Shares Secrets to Success in Barnes and Noble Best-Selling Book, The Authority Playbook

While the entrepreneurial realm has grown more accessible in recent years due to the advent of digital technology, rising through the ranks and securing a coveted position at the forefront of one’s target market remains a challenging feat. In carving a path to the top, aspirants must not only compete with new entrants but also deal with established powerhouses. Highly cognizant of what spells the difference between success and failure in today’s competitive industries, Dillon Kivo has lent a hand to countless go-getters over the years, helping them expand their reach and increase visibility. Fueled by the overarching goal to elevate budding power players to great heights, he’s released The Authority Playbook, a Barnes and Noble best-selling book on finding success in the digital world. 

The founder of leading PR agency Authority Titans, Dillon Kivo is an American entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and PR expert credited for pushing a long list of artists, entrepreneurs, and brands toward the limelight. With his in-depth understanding of digital marketing and brand management and know-how in creating media outreach programs and developing media strategies, this widely trusted guru has emerged as the go-to strategist for numerous companies and high-profile figures. 

In leading his brainchild, Authority Titans, to prominence, Dillon Kivo became intimately privy to the nitty-gritty of the digital world and how people can leverage media to become an authority in their niche. His personal experience harnessing the power of online-based platforms and professional knowledge of starting and scaling a venture now stands at the core of The Authority Playbook: How to Become the #1 Authority in Your Niche. 

Published in March 2022, The Authority Playbook explores the common hindrances to success in the current economic landscape and the hiccups that any entrepreneur may experience in their bid to translate their visions into reality. More impressively, it details a mold-breaking yet straightforward blueprint for everyone who does not want to be remembered as an “Average Joe” and was written to maneuver self-starters and highly driven personalities in the direction of wealth, influence, and freedom. 

Shortly after its release, The Authority Playbook landed on Barnes and Noble’s best-selling list, an accomplishment that speaks of the book’s insight-rich content and the value it brings to the table. This entertaining read, which breaks down technical concepts into digestible elements that readers can quickly grasp, helps people navigate the complex waters of the business world and guides them through the process of becoming an industry authority. 

Dillon Kivo, who is also the mind behind the digital media platform Kivo Daily, has managed to cement his standing as a success enabler even further with the gaining renown of The Authority Playbook. Through this book, he hopes to share the spotlight with those who are ready to stand at the top. 

Learn more about Dillon Kivo’s new book, The Authority Playbook, by visiting Barnes and Noble

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