David Angel Is Redefining Business Through Sales Mastery

There has never been a rougher time to be a business owner than today. As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages the economy, businesses have struggled to stay afloat. In these times of low buyer confidence, creating strong sales strategies is extremely vital to sustaining through the crisis. Through the noise and confusion, one sales expert stands above the crowd- and that’s David Angel, otherwise known as “The Sales Angel.”

David is a seasoned sales coach based out of Hampshire, England, who brings twenty years of veteran experience in sales and marketing to any business that looks to ramp up their sales efforts. The Sales Angel is easily one of today’s default go-to people when creating business results without spending a fortune to generate more revenue. David has mastered the art of closing deals, handling rejections, and turning leads into raving clients. 

Currently, David also heads up a fully-interactive sales training platform called The Sales Network. Through the program, The Sales Angel helps entrepreneurs, salespeople, real estate agents, sales teams, and anyone looking to turn a profit sell their way up to their respective industries’ upper ranks. The training program contains over twenty-four hours of content in an on-demand fashion, including close to four hundred training videos on twenty-one subject matters. The Sales Network has turned many sales professionals and businesses into money-making machines, turning the program into a highly-coveted business resource.

David Angel trains people worldwide, with students spanning as far as the United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries in the Asia area learning from him through his proven sales tactics and strategies. The Sales Network is accessible anytime and anywhere and keeps people engaged throughout.

Many business owners today have great ideas, products, and services. However, much of that promise loses ground because of the lack of proper sales mechanisms. David Angel helps turn great ideas into great companies by helping dreamers and visionaries build sustainability and cash flow by ensuring that great ideas sell. 

David knows the struggle of signing up for substandard mentoring programs all too well. He’s well aware of the hype-based training programs that leave people disappointed after consuming content that doesn’t add value. His training platform and other sales programs hope to break the vicious cycle of spending on courses that don’t convert by giving people a framework that works. He hopes to turn a thousand people into master salespeople. By doing so, David looks to help businesses create more revenue to help them stay in the game for a very long time.

Sales teams have also used The Sales Network by David Angel as a team training dashboard. Sales team managers have been able to track and monitor their team’s progress on a master user account through the program. The innovative approach to sales team management helps minimize dreary meetings and increase overall productivity. The platform’s on-demand nature also helps people learn at their own pace and creates a highly customized experience for anyone.

Through his programs and teachings, David Angel has helped many sales professionals and business owners increase their sales ratios by as high as thirty percent in a short time. David is also the author of a book entitled, “How to Sell to Success.”

To follow David Angel and check out his sales program, visit his Instagram account, LinkedIn profile, and Facebook Page.

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