Cryptocurrency Influencer Josh E. Starr Unravels His Journey into the Cryptocurrency Space

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When cryptocurrency started to trend, there was an incredible amount of interest for newcomers. However, the surging popularity also opened the door for opportunists who wanted to take money from naive customers. People started to dismiss cryptocurrency as a hoax. Individuals like Josh E. Starr utilize their expertise to educate others about the benefits that legitimate cryptocurrencies have.

Josh E. Starr is known in the cryptocurrency space as Kosher Khaled, a nickname that resulted from his likeness with DJ Khaled. He is known for working with Kosher people, cryptocurrency, and business. Before getting into cryptocurrency, Josh was sleeping on his friend’s couch with only $247 in his bank account. It was a difficult time for him, but rather than sit around and mope, he was determined to turn things around. Josh found work at a local funding company, and his evident skills led to his salary bumping up to $16,000 in his first two weeks. Although he was generating a handsome income, Josh decided to take a different direction.

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Together with his cousin, Josh started a funding company. Recruiting fifteen of his closest friends and training them, Josh developed a powerful sales team that drove the business to success. Although the company only ran for three years, Josh and his team earned $15 million when it closed its doors, giving them enough to push forward. Next, the duo would invest their money into a marijuana company based in Oklahoma called Smoke Cream

It was in 2020 that cryptocurrency piqued Josh’s interest. He delved into research, learning about prominent crypto investors like Michael Novogratz of Galaxy Investment, Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy, Jack Dorsey of Twitter, and Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss of Facebook and Gemini. Intrigued by their success, Josh made his first investment in Ethereum crypto. The venture opened his eyes and helped Josh realize that cryptocurrency provided people with average income the chance to generate wealth faster than stock market investment. With the success that he gained from investing in cryptocurrency, Josh decided to teach people how to succeed in cryptocurrency investing.

Since then, Josh E. Starr has become a renowned figure in the cryptocurrency space. His passion has led him to become a respected cryptocurrency influencer who shares his story and expertise to encourage others to find their own path in cryptocurrency. However, because some people misunderstand his role, Josh carefully explains that he is not offering financial advice. Instead, he explains how others can become successful investors in cryptocurrency through their own research and decisions. 

Although cryptocurrency holds a strong promise that can generate wealth, Josh discourages his followers from putting their livelihood at stake, telling them only to invest money they are prepared to lose as the cryptocurrency value can be unpredictable. Additionally, he motivates new and experienced crypto investors to keep everything kosher, research everything, find mentors, watch YouTube videos, and create their own wealth.

“When you invest in the right way in cryptocurrency and plan carefully, you can retire at the age of 45 or sooner,” promised the cryptocurrency influencer.

Josh E. Starr’s impact in the cryptocurrency space has led him to help not just himself but many others. He hopes to take his ventures to the next level as Josh foresees becoming a thought leader and top influencer. He is also planning to launch a new startup within the cryptocurrency space.

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