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Vital Factors to Research When Starting to Shop for a New Car

Car shopping is a big decision. Yet many people choose a car by appearance or a salesman’s recommendation, a regret you could avoid by knowing your needs and doing your vehicle research beforehand. With this knowledge, it’s less likely that you’ll freeze or agree to an impractical car or high price. You can even negotiate for a fairer price when you have the following information.

Your Needs

The vehicle you purchase should meet your practical needs. So a sports car is likely a bad choice if you have a family. It lacks room for passengers and cargo, and you’ll break your back when dealing with car seats in the back seat. On the other hand, singletons might be just fine with a smaller vehicle.

Many people also convince themselves they need a pickup when a more fuel-efficient sedan and occasionally renting a trailer would be a better fit. Be realistic about your needs to avoid an expensive regret later on. If you often navigate street parking, tight spaces, or winter weather, your purchase should reflect your needs unless you’re okay with a vehicle that only sometimes serves you.


The cost is far more than the sticker price. Be sure to calculate the final cost based on your monthly payment, which includes fees. The car’s price often seems fine, but sellers can gouge you with extra costs. Make sure the monthly payment and final cost both fit your budget.

A vehicle’s cost also includes insurance, and certain models and even car colors may come with higher insurance premiums. Get some quotes during the shopping process to see what fits into the budget. Finally, the mileage may mean you spend more or less on fuel (or electricity), although low mileage may compare to higher monthly payments or insurance costs.


Maintenance represents another cost, and models with known issues or poor build quality might often need repairs. However, another consideration is whether you can have the car repaired locally and quickly. Some luxury vehicles, for example, only have a few certified mechanics, so you may have to travel, face a long wait list for repairs, or deal with parts that are costly or require special orders.

It may be more practical to look for vehicles with a better reputation and that can be repaired locally. If you already have a trusted mechanic, askfor their advice about reliable vehicles. Consider asking local shops about availability and comfortably working with the models you’re considering before buying.

Resale Value

While this might not apply to everyone, resale value can be an important consideration if you prefer to upgrade periodically. Used car prices currently favor the seller, but that might not always be the case. Don’t assume that you can vend a luxury vehicle for a premium price after a few years without doing your vehicle research. Reliable cars usually have better resale value than those with quality issues, and certain workhorse trucks and practical SUVs always make lists about resale value.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

Empowering Ethical Leadership: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s Vision for Christian Entrepreneurship

In an era where the intersection of technology, business, and ethical governance poses significant challenges and opportunities, Dr. Sarah Sun Liew stands out as a pioneering force. Through her leadership in the “Empowering Future Christian Leaders and Entrepreneurs” initiative, Dr. Liew is crafting a new cadre of leaders equipped to blend professional excellence with Christian values. This initiative is not just about professional training; it’s about fostering a robust ethical foundation that will guide future leaders through the complexities of modern business environments.

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s Comprehensive Background

Empowering Ethical Leadership- Dr. Sarah Sun Liew's Vision for Christian Entrepreneurship

Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s career spans more than three decades across diverse sectors such as real estate, global banking, and technology. She serves as a senior pastor at Global Jesus Mission Church and holds leadership roles in several non-profits and educational institutions, including the Meridian Institute of Technology. Her academic credentials are impressive, with advanced degrees from prestigious institutions like Harvard Business School, Wharton Business School, and MIT Sloan School of Management.

Her multifaceted experience uniquely positions her to mentor and influence a new generation of Christian leaders and entrepreneurs. Dr. Liew’s commitment is evident in her dual role as a business leader and educator, where she integrates Christian teachings with cutting-edge business and technology education.

Objectives and Goals of Dr. Liew’s Initiative

Empowering Ethical Leadership- Dr. Sarah Sun Liew's Vision for Christian Entrepreneurship

Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

“Empowering Future Christian Leaders and Entrepreneurs” is designed with precise, measurable objectives to ensure it delivers significant outcomes. These goals are not only ambitious but are also aligned with the mission to cultivate leaders who embody professional adeptness and spiritual depth:

  • Leadership Training: Training at least 300 Christian leaders within the first three years, with a target of a 95% completion rate, reflects a commitment to broad and impactful leadership development.
  • Skill Development: The program aims to equip participants with essential business and technological skills, such as strategic planning, financial management, and digital marketing. The goal is an 80% improvement in skill proficiency, assessed through rigorous testing and practical projects.
  • Ethical Standards: Instilling a strong ethical foundation is central to the curriculum. Participants are trained to navigate complex business dilemmas with integrity, using Christian values as their guide. This goal is measured through simulations and self-assessment tools.
  • Mentorship and Community Impact: A robust mentorship program ensures that each participant receives personal guidance from seasoned professionals, enhancing the learning experience and ensuring practical application of skills in real-world settings. Additionally, initiating at least 50 community impact projects allows participants to directly apply their skills and Christian values, fostering tangible societal benefits.

These structured objectives ensure that the initiative not only imparts knowledge but also molds character, preparing leaders to make ethically sound decisions influenced by their faith.

Engaging with Dr. Liew’s Vision

Empowering Ethical Leadership- Dr. Sarah Sun Liew's Vision for Christian Entrepreneurship

Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

For those drawn to Dr. Liew’s vision of integrating Christian values with professional development, several opportunities exist to engage with her initiatives. Prospective students, educators, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists can connect through various platforms to learn more about the programs or contribute to their expansion:

  • Educational Programs and Resources: Information about courses, workshops, and seminars is available at Meridian Institute of Technology and Global Jesus Mission Church. These platforms offer insights into the curriculum and upcoming events.
  • Direct Communication: Dr. Liew welcomes inquiries and collaboration opportunities. She can be reached for further information or support through email at info@meridianwish.com or mgroupbh7@gmail.com. These channels facilitate direct engagement with Dr. Liew and her team, providing avenues for support, partnership, and active participation in the project.

Final Remarks

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s initiative, “Empowering Future Christian Leaders and Entrepreneurs,” is not merely an educational program; it is a transformative movement designed to infuse the business world with ethically grounded, spiritually enriched leadership. Through this program, Dr. Liew is not only addressing the immediate needs for skilled business and technology professionals but is also nurturing a generation of leaders equipped to integrate their Christian faith into every decision and action. As these leaders ascend in various sectors, they carry forward the mission to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God (Micah 6:8), thereby embodying the true essence of Christian leadership in the modern world.

For those eager to learn more about Dr. Liew’s vision or participate actively in shaping future narratives of success can engage directly through various platforms including www.meridianwish.com or www.gjesusmc.org among others where information about ongoing projects and ways to contribute towards positive societal transformations are available extensively. contact via email info@meridianwish.com and mgroupbh7@gmail.com

Published by: Nelly Chavez

Leadership Lessons from Visionary CEOs: Strategies for Driving Innovation and Impact

In the ever-evolving business landscape, visionary CEOs like Ernesto Morales, North Star Alliances, play a crucial role in driving innovation and impact. These leaders possess a unique ability to see beyond the present, envisioning a future that is successful for their organizations and transformative for the industries they operate in. By studying the leadership approaches of visionary CEOs, we can uncover valuable strategies for driving innovation and impact in our organizations.

1. Embrace a Bold Vision

Visionary CEOs are known for their ability to articulate a bold and compelling vision for the future. This vision is a guiding light, inspiring employees and stakeholders to work towards a common goal. By embracing a bold vision, visionary CEOs can rally their teams around a shared purpose, driving innovation and pushing boundaries to achieve their goals.

2. Foster a Culture of Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of driving impact and growth. Visionary CEOs understand the importance of fostering a culture of innovation within their organizations. They encourage creativity and experimentation, creating an environment where new ideas are welcomed and celebrated. By fostering a culture of innovation, visionary CEOs empower their teams to think outside the box and develop groundbreaking solutions to complex problems.

3. Lead with Empathy

Empathy is a key trait of visionary CEOs. They understand that leadership is about making tough decisions and understanding and empathizing with the people they lead. By leading with empathy, visionary CEOs are able to build strong relationships with their teams, fostering trust and collaboration. This, in turn, enables them to drive innovation and impact by harnessing the collective power of their organization.

4. Embrace Failure as a Learning Opportunity

Failure is often seen as a setback, but visionary CEOs view it as a valuable learning opportunity. They understand that innovation comes with risks and that failure is sometimes inevitable. Instead of dwelling on failure, visionary CEOs embrace it as a chance to learn and grow. Visionary CEOs create an environment where innovation can thrive by encouraging a culture that is not afraid to fail.

5. Build Strong Partnerships

Visionary CEOs understand the value of collaboration and partnerships. They actively seek out opportunities to collaborate with other organizations, knowing that they can achieve more than they ever could alone. By building strong partnerships, visionary CEOs are able to leverage the strengths of others, driving innovation and impact on a larger scale.

6. Stay Ahead of the Curve

Visionary CEOs always look toward the future. They stay informed about emerging trends and technologies and are quick to adapt to change. By staying ahead of the curve, visionary CEOs position their organizations as industry leaders, driving innovation and setting new standards for success.

7. Communicate Effectively and Transparently

Visionary CEOs understand the importance of effective communication in driving innovation and impact. They communicate their vision clearly and consistently, ensuring that everyone in the organization understands their direction. Moreover, they are transparent in their communication, sharing both successes and failures openly with their teams. This transparency builds trust and fosters a culture of openness, which is crucial for driving innovation and impact.

8. Lead by Example

Leading by example is a hallmark of visionary CEOs. They embody their values and principles, setting a positive example for their teams to follow. Whether it’s taking calculated risks, embracing change, or demonstrating resilience in the face of adversity, visionary CEOs lead from the front, inspiring their teams to do the same. By leading by example, these CEOs create a culture of excellence and accountability, driving innovation and impact at every level of the organization.

To Summarize

Visionary CEOs like Ernesto Morales, North Star Alliances, are at the forefront of driving innovation and impact in the business world. By embracing a bold vision, fostering a culture of innovation, leading with empathy, embracing failure as a learning opportunity, building strong partnerships, and staying ahead of the curve, these leaders can create lasting change in their organizations and industries. As aspiring leaders, we can learn valuable lessons from these visionary CEOs and apply them to our own leadership journeys, driving innovation and impact in our organizations and beyond.

Published by: Martin De Juan

Simple Ways to Maximize Space in an Apartment

If you live in an apartment, you are familiar with the challenges it presents. In today’s economy, it is hard to find an apartment that has adequate space to accommodate all your things. These units are preferable for bachelors and live-in couples since they are affordable and easy to manage. One drawback though, apartments come with a compact design and may look cramped even with the efforts to stay organized. Don’t fret. Little creativity and strategic planning will help you make the prime out of the available space.


Keeping your apartment clutter-free is the first step to attaining a larger welcoming space. Always ensure that you only retain the necessary things around the house. Any item that is no longer in use can be donated or resold for recycling.

Loft Your Bed

One of the underutilized spaces in your house is the floor space under the bed. You can use the space for out-of-season clothing, shoes, and blankets. These items don’t need to be used daily and thus, they don’t have to be readily accessible. Using risers, your under-bed can accommodate more items and free up space in your closet.

Finance in Multifunctional Furniture

You don’t have to buy every other piece of furniture when you can have a one-fits-all item that serves many purposes. For example, buy a sofa or ottoman that has built-in storage. The sofa can also serve as a bed.

Display the Artwork Above the Eye Level

Hanging your portraits, wall paintings, and other framed pieces high up the wall gives the illusion of a tall ceiling.

Use Foldable and Stackable Items

Consider using foldable chairs and tables. Moreover, stackable storage bins work for constrained spaces. This is a great addition as you can always stow away the items if you need space to move around.

Utilize the Walls

Your walls can come in handy when you need extra storage. Use them to attach working stations, mirrors, shelves, and décor. Utilizing your wall to mount floating shelves frees up the floor space and is aesthetically pleasing to be used as décor.

Hang Your Plants

If your plants have taken over the floor space, it is time you consider hanging them. Using hanging planters, you can suspend the plants from the wall or ceiling and avoid running over them. This will also introduce a decorative aspect to the room. Even in your outdoor living area, consider hanging your plants to make your balcony or patio more functional.

Make Use of the Pantry Door

You can instantly create more space in your pantry by adding a storage rack over the door. Installing a tiered rack ensures you have enough space to hold your condiments, spices, and non-refrigerated items.

If you live in the city, apartment living is the norm. As you have seen, these spaces come with little storage and you must maximize the available space to fit your belongings. This is achievable with a bit of creativity and the tips above. Use Pinterest to expound your organization skills and transform your home into a breathable space.


Published By: Aize Perez

Unique School Fundraising Ideas Involving the Local Community

Skip the boring fundraisers for your school and stop selling overpriced wrapping paper and cookie dough. If your school, student club, or PTA wants to raise money to provide a better educational experience for your students, it’s time to think outside the box. Check out these seven unique ideas to get the whole community involved in your next fundraising mission and have a little fun while raising money for your group.

Trivia Night

Who doesn’t love a little competition? Raise money for your school organization by organizing a trivia night for everyone in town. Grab a local celebrity to host the trivia and ask for volunteers to run the event. Ask for donations from the community for the items you’re giving away, which may include door prizes, raffles, and a big-ticket item for the winning trivia team. Charge a fee per person and sell tables for groups to ensure they sit together.

Sell School Hats

Get the community to show their school colors with custom hats. Couple with a designer such as capamerica.com, giving locals a wide array of hats and caps to choose from. A percentage of each sale will go towards your fundraising mission, and the community will love the option to buy a practical item at a decent price.

Color Run

For the active members of the community, a color run can be a blast! A color run is a marathon-type race where participants are asked to wear white shirts. At checkpoints throughout the course, runners are blasted with safe paint or dye. At the end of the race, the runners come out full of vibrant colors and laughs. Charge an entry fee for the run and ask for volunteers to coordinate the event and cover the participants with color.

Family Carnival

Carnivals are fun for all ages! Gather donations from the community and ask for volunteers from your group or others looking to provide a little community service. Have easy games for the little ones and more challenging activities for older kids and adults. You can even add a meal for a small fee or concessions of snacks and drinks. Bake sales often make a good profit at carnival as well.

Sell Fundraiser Cards

Fundraiser cards are a great way to incorporate local businesses while providing buyers with a practical ticket. Fundraiser cards often include freebies and coupons to local businesses and provide the buyer with more savings than they pay for the actual card. These cards are an excellent way to spread your fundraising reach beyond parents and family members.

Pancake Breakfast

Get your volunteers lined up and serve out a tasty breakfast on Saturday morning. Pancake breakfasts are a good way to get members of the community who may not be affiliated directly with the school to participate in your fundraiser. Ask for volunteers to prep and cook the food and set out a donation box for the hungry residents to chip in.

Community Service

If you have a group of students looking to raise funds for their sport or other extra-curricular groups, community service may be a great way to reach members of the community. Offer select services for a low price or allow residents to donate what they want. Examples of community service offerings include yard cleanup, lawn mowing, snow removal, and car washing.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

Reasons Why a Suit Needs to Be Professionally Tailored

The traditional men’s suit is the quintessential masculine look. Whether you prefer grey, black, blue, or something a little more exotic, make sure you show up in style by having your suit properly tailored. Here are six reasons why tailoring remains essential.

 Your Suit Is Important

Your suit is among the important items of clothing you own. Treating it right is the  way to ensure that you can always reach for it. You don’t want to be caught without a suit. This wardrobe staple is essential, so make sure it is there for you when you need it.

 Getting the Fit Gets the Look

You never want to second-guess how you look in a suit; you want to slip it on and know that you look perfect. When your suit is professionally tailored, you can confidently step out of the house knowing that your look is impeccable, every time. Show up to the boardroom, the symphony, the restaurant, or anywhere else knowing that you are perfectly dressed. =

You Can’t Measure Yourself

Online websites that assure you to send you a custom suit will ask you to enter your measurements, but it’s actually impossible to measure yourself accurately. Without accurate measurements, a suit is never going to fit correctly. A tailor knows how to get all the essential measurements to ensure proper fit, including some the websites never ask for.

 A Tailor is an Expert at Fi

Don’t trust your look to someone who has never seen you in person. Entering some numbers into a website will never get you the look that you need or deserve. A tailor is someone who understands men’s bodies and men’s clothing. Your tailor works closely with you to understand you and your clothing goals. You won’t need to take chances on a website or try to do it yourself and end up disappointed with poorly fitting clothing. Trust someone who understands suits and works with a real expert on the way men’s clothing is supposed to fit. A tailor will be honest about what alterations your suit needs, and you should trust their professional judgment.

 Expert Skill in Fabric Handling

Men’s suits are traditionally made with wool, linen, precision blends, and other fine fabrics. Professional tailors are fabric experts; they understand these and the other traditional textiles used in suit-making. Your suit is a precision garment requiring special handling, insight, and skill that comes from years of working with these textiles. Working with such fine fabrics is  left to the pros.

Tailoring Is More Affordable Than the Alternative

When you buy a so-called custom suit online, you are gambling on the fit. Because it is made according to the measurements you entered, you can’t return it – you have simply wasted money if it doesn’t fit right or if you don’t like the fabric. In the long run, it can be easier and more cost-effective to purchase a quality suit and have it tailored precisely to you.


Published by: Khy Talara

Unveiling the Untold Stories of South Central LA: Ron L. Dowell’s Journey of Resilience and Service

In the heart of California’s urban landscape lies a treasure trove of stories waiting to be unearthed. Ron L. Dowell, a native of Watts, Los Angeles, is on a mission to share these tales with the world through his upcoming book, Crooked Out of Compton. But this isn’t just a literary endeavor; it’s a testament to resilience, determination, and the transformative power of storytelling.

Growing up amidst the challenges of the Jordan Downs Public Housing Projects and later the Palm Lane Public Housing Projects, Dowell’s childhood was shaped by the grit and perseverance of his community. Inspired by the pages of comic books and encyclopedias, he discovered a passion for storytelling that would become the cornerstone of his life’s work.

Crooked Out of Compton offers readers a glimpse into the realities of life in South Central LA during the 1950s through the 2000s. Through the eyes of characters like Sheriff’s deputy Daniel Brown and Trina Thomas, Dowell paints a vivid portrait of the struggles and triumphs that define the human experience.

But Dowell’s story goes beyond the pages of his book. As a dedicated public servant for over four decades, he has tirelessly worked to improve the lives of those around him. Despite facing personal challenges, including battles with addiction and institutional rejection, Dowell remained steadfast in his commitment to serving his community.

Now, as he prepares to share his story with the world, Dowell hopes to inspire others to find their own resilience and create positive change in their communities. Through his words, he seeks to amplify the voices of those often overlooked and shine a light on the rich tapestry of South Central LA’s history.

As the release of Crooked Out of Compton draws near, Dowell reflects on the journey that brought him here. From the dusty streets of Watts to the halls of public service, his story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the enduring spirit of the human soul.

In a world where stories like his are too often silenced, Ron L. Dowell’s Crooked Out of Compton serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration. It reminds us that in the face of adversity, our voices matter, and our stories have the power to change the world.

So as readers embark on this journey through the streets of South Central LA, let them be captivated by the richness of Dowell’s narrative and the resilience of the community he calls home. For in these stories lies the potential for transformation, and in these voices, the promise of a brighter future.

To learn more about Ron Dowell and his upcoming book Crooked Out of Compton, visit him on Facebook.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

AI Unleashed: How a Munich Teen’s Podcast is Transforming Tech Talk

By: Francesca Billington

Artificial intelligence continues to advance, bringing with it a new wave of social concern over fairness, ethics, and accountability that has swept debates among both experts and people experimenting with ChatGPT. The challenges and limitations of the new technology are being brought to light, as we collectively experiment with a new AI-driven world. Gianni Samwer, an 18-year-old high school senior in Munich, Germany has been exploring this uncharted territory for years.

During his freshman year of high school, Samwer became known among his friends as their unofficial AI expert. A voracious reader, he spent hours pouring over the latest studies and reports at home. He was especially interested in safety and the ethical implications of AI—topics that his computer science classes weren’t covering. In early 2023, after sharing his knowledge with his friends individually, he invited them to join a casual WhatsApp group called Gianni’s daily AI thoughts. He sent links to interesting articles and voice memos analyzing the news. His friends invited their friends, and soon the group ballooned to about fifty members. Samwer wanted to keep teenagers informed on the latest developments and conversations surrounding AI. He quickly realized that the best version of this project wouldn’t just amplify his own voice, but include engineers, entrepreneurs, and academics working in the field. 

How a Munich Teen's Podcast is Transforming Tech Talk

Photo Courtesy: Gianni Samwer

In June of 2023, Samwer therefore decided to start an original podcast – “AI Unleashed. He recorded his first interview with Amay Aggarwal, a product manager with Uber Technology’s AI sector. “The sound quality was shaky,” Samwer said. “It was all happening on Zoom chats. I was learning everything in real-time.” He asked Aggarwal about applying AI to the nonprofit sector and Uber’s suite of services, from grocery delivery to transit. “We’re using AI everywhere throughout the rides app from the moment you log on and enter your destination,” Aggarwal told Samwer. Machine learning was responsible for generating a ride price, matching drivers to riders, and planning navigation. 

As Samwer released new episodes, more and more guests were eager to join the show. Every week, he contacts between 20 to 30 potential guests. He still records the podcast remotely, only now he has studio-quality microphones and audio editing software. He uploads an episode every even to 10 days, to keep listeners engaged without overwhelming them with content. Samwer has interviewed a range of influential leaders and AI thinks, including a member of the German Bundestag—who spoke about implementing AI in government—and the founder of an AI investment fund, Merantrix. The podcast has hit about 4,000 downloads. 

How a Munich Teen's Podcast is Transforming Tech Talk

Photo Courtesy: Gianni Samwer

One day, Samwer received an important note from a listener—one that would quickly change his approach to the podcast. The listener wanted to know: was all this information applicable to his life? Samwer realized the vision behind his interview podcast was missing something essential. A few months later, he rented a room in Munich and hosted an “offline episode” about using AI in your personal life. The thoughtful discussion was targeted mostly at refugees and people embarking on job switches. With the 30 people that attended, Gianni had an interactive session explaining more basics about AI and how it can be used to write emails and cover letters for job applications. At the end of the session, Samwer passed out vouchers for an OpenAI upgrade. He envisions “AI Unleashed” as a learning resource that will consider urgent, global questions about how artificial intelligence can be applied to social issues. And it isn’t Sawmer’s first mission-driven company. In 2022, he founded Compassion Catalyst, a nonprofit that collects and donates supplies and donations to communities around the world.

After seeing the success of his first in-person event, Samwer announced a second live podcast—this time, targeting college students. His guest speakers included Tristan Post, a senior lecturer from the Technical University of Munich, and Julia Kraus, a senior engineer at AppliedAI. After another success with over 40 people attending, Samwer is now gearing up to host his biggest event yet: an AI Unleashed conference in October, where some 300 guests and 20 speakers will meet in Munich, Germany. “I’m thrilled to be building our offline community,” Samwer said. “That dimension feels just as important as the podcast itself. I’m not just here to give listeners another source of content that piles up in their subscription boxes.” His hope is for the in-person events to bring new listeners to the podcast, and to form a community of AI enthusiasts, all while opening the door to higher profile guests. He is hoping these thought exchanges can inspire innovation in the field, and make the topic accessible to everyone.  

Published by: Nelly Chavez

The Rise of Male Cosmetic Surgery in San Francisco’s Tech Scene: Dr. Douglas Steinbrech’s Influence

San Francisco is experiencing a thriving atmosphere filled with both established and up-and-coming tech magnates, and what unites them all is the undeniable impact their demanding careers have on their physical appearances. Traditionally, the archetype of affluent gentlemen has been characterized by a certain dignified yet aging aesthetic: portly figures, silver or white hair, and well-earned wrinkles. However, in recent times, there has been a noticeable shift. 

Over the past decade, Dr. Steinbrech has played a pivotal role in challenging and gradually eradicating this stereotype by catering to the cosmetic desires of those men in the tech industry who are intrigued and open-minded enough to explore the realm of cosmetic surgery.

When Dr. Steinbrech opened his practice on Park Avenue in New York City ten years ago, the number of patients coming to Dr. Steinbrech accounted for less than 10% of the total plastic surgery patients globally. Today, this percentage of male patients has doubled, and there’s a direct correlation between Dr. Steinbrech’s results and their effect on his patients’ peers. Such a significant uptick in men looking to undergo plastic surgery is not a mystery when considering such incredible results. More men are embracing their desires.

Wealthy men no longer look old because they are succumbing to their desires to look better, and one can thank Dr. Steinbrech for committing to men’s aesthetic desires. By addressing this formerly niche realm of plastic surgery patients, Dr. Steinbrech has opened the door for innovation in plastic surgery.

Dr. Steinbrech has three private practices in Beverly Hills, NYC, and Chicago, serving exclusively male patients. Today, there is no more shroud of mystery surrounding the glow-up of wealthy men since people know the man behind the curtain is Dr. Steinbrech.

Dr. Steinbrech is well-known for:

  • Procedures for male models sharpen the jawline, cheekbones, and nose and consider subtle accentuation of facial features. This modality also focuses on the abs, pectoral muscles, biceps, triceps, and beyond.
  • Procedures for bodybuilders sculpt features on the body to appear more muscular by focusing on the areas that may not respond to exercise: glutes, chest, and more. 
  • Procedures for the dad-bod have become compared to the Mommy-Makeover. A Daddy-Do-Over will address the areas of the body that slide during fatherhood and maximize confidence.
  • Procedures for boardroom executives keep the men on top of their game. Men wanting to look and feel better while staying ahead in their craft and business world can benefit tremendously from Dr. Steinbrech’s striking approach.

In San Francisco, there’s been a noticeable trend toward male tech titans enhancing their appearances, a phenomenon that’s gaining traction. The surge in interest in cosmetic enhancements, such as plastic surgery, among male tech leaders is becoming increasingly common. Surgeons like Dr. Steinbrech have contributed to the growing popularity of these procedures, making them more accessible to men who may have been hesitant or curious about cosmetic surgery in the past.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

White Collar Crimes Where You Will Need a Lawyer

White collar crimes can have penalties just as severe as violent crimes. In fact, some people have served life sentences for their white collar crimes. Punishments can also include fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Other consequences may be the loss of a business license, the inability to work in a specific state, and more. These punishments can harshly change your life, so you need the best defense possible. What are some of the white collar crimes that you need to hire a defense attorney for?


Fraud is an act where you purposely deceive another person or party for gain. Fraud may also involve a deceptive action where the victim’s rights are denied. There are several types of fraud, including wire fraud, securities fraud, tax fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and credit card fraud. Various legal defenses can successfully be used for fraud charges.


Embezzlement occurs when you take full control of assets that were not lawfully yours to control. Often, the accused has access to the assets or control over them, but they are not the rightful owner. Deception and a violation of trust are often components of embezzlement. A skilled defense attorney is needed to identify weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case and work toward the best outcome available under the law.

Identity Theft

If you face identity theft charges, you are accused of stealing someone else’s name, Social Security number and other identifying information and using it for personal gain. Often, an identity thief will drain the victim’s bank account with purchases and balance transfers. The thief may also open new accounts or pay for medical services under the victim’s name.

Insider Trading

The Securities Exchange Commission has strict rules related to trading and carefully monitors activities to identify insider trading. An investor is not permitted to make trades based on inside information. This is information that has not been published or released by the company and is not accessible to all potential investors. Insider trading places the guilty party in an unfairly advantageous position for financial gains.


A bribe is when you offer money or other gifts in exchange for favorable terms or treatment. On a criminal level, bribery may involve seeking contracts or other favors from the government with the offer of an asset or other special considerations. Bribes can negatively impact victims beyond those involved in the direct transaction.

Money Laundering

If you are accused of money laundering, law enforcement believes that you have disguised the legal source of your funds. Specifically, money laundering involves cash that was produced through illegal activities, such as drug sales. This money is then transformed through various processes so that it appears to have been generated legally. Some people facing money laundering charges are also accused of charges related to the illegal source of the money.

These are examples of serious white collar crimes with potentially devastating punishments. A skilled defense attorney will work to reduce the charges and penalties, get the charges dropped, or seek a not-guilty outcome in court. Schedule a legal consultation to discuss your circumstances today.


Published by: Khy Talara