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Britney Spears and Sam Asghari Engaged—Pop Star to Take a Social Media Break

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Popstar sensation Britney Spears has announced that she is now engaged to her then long-term boyfriend now fiancé Sam Asghari. The engagement hit global airwaves and became the talk of the town after the singer and celebrity posted a video of the couple showing off the engagement ring on Instagram.

Spears and Asghari met back in 2016 on the music video shoot for “Slumber Party.” Sam Asghari is a personal trainer and fitness coach who runs Asghari fitness, a company that offers personalized training programs and nutrition plans. The relationship remained private for a good season until an announcement was made. Almost five years later, the two are now making plans to tie the knot.

Britney Spears has found herself in the middle of a legal battle with her father, Jamie Spears, after making it clear that she wants to see the end of a controversial conservatorship that has given her ward access and control over many of her personal and professional decisions. It’s alleged that Jamie has taken control of the pop star’s finances, relationships, and other life decisions. Britney once said that she had been forced to use birth control in the past despite a desire to have children. Sam Asghari has been vocal about his support of Britney’s fight against her conservatorship and has been highly vocal about his disapproval of her father.

The engagement with Asghari seems to be foresight of a possible win in the ensuing legal battle, given that conservatorship provisions could thwart any wedding plans. Sam moved to Los Angeles, California, from Tehran in Iran when he was twelve years old. He was the son of a truck driver who moved his way up the ranks of fitness and modeling and has since then built up a significant level of success.

Since the two made the announcement, Britney has begun a social media detox, which caused some confusion on Tuesday, September 14, after her Instagram account disappeared. She later clarified on Twitter that she was taking a break from social media and would be “back soon.”

Sam and Britney’s age gap has not been impervious to public comment and, in some cases, even scrutiny. The Iranian fitness trainer is twenty-seven years old, twelve years less than Britney’s age. And while some have seen that as an issue, much express support as they maintain that age is nothing but a number. “Sam is 27, and Britney is 39. So the age difference in this marriage is not a problem!” one social media supporter writes.

Spears’ upcoming marriage to her long-time boyfriend will be her third. In 2004, she married her childhood friend Jason Alexander in Las Vegas but would get a divorce in the same year. Not long after, Britney married American rapper Kevin Federline, also known as K-Fed, but the two would split in 2007.

Britney and Sam announced their engagement last Sunday. However, Spears has also made it clear that her conservatorship has come in conflict with her desire of marrying Asghari, something that would be reversed if the pop star’s plea to end the conservatorship gets approved.

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