Brien Allen Redefines Versatility with His Musical Talents

It is rare to find a young man with a strong passion for science, but it is extraordinary to meet someone versatile in science and music. Brien Allen is a 29-year-old petroleum engineer and artist—with the brains and the skills to redefine versatility.

With a musician mother and a geophysicist father, it was as if Brien was destined to become a rockstar, but he did not realize it until college. He was always a science lover from a young age, especially with his father working closely with oil and gas. He thought that taking up an engineering degree would bring pride to his parents. However, after a few years of studying at the University of Texas, Brien realized that his true calling was music. With the fear of later living an unhappy life, he joined a local band as soon as he finished his degree. 

Even when Brien was talented, his experience was not enough to hail him as a musical wizard. After touring and playing shows with his local band, he got nowhere farther from where he began. Slowly, Brien began to lose hope and felt as if his musical career was only going downhill from there. But if there is one thing being an engineer taught him, it is determination to not repeat the same mistakes. 

Years of perseverance led Brien to experiment with multiple genres and projects—from rock/metal to latin, from EDM to pop. A productive 2021 awaits Brien, with various tracks of different genres just waiting to drop. He is involved with Altermind, who is featuring vocalist Lauren Babic on one of their singles. They have an album on the line for early 2021. Brien is also part of Al Cielo, a Latin/pop-rock group with members spread all over the country, getting ready to release several singles in 2021. His voice is also an asset to Bridges Ablaze, where he both sings and plays lead guitars alongside one of his best friends. Anyone can hear his work in other features (and genres) from different artists all over the country, and there’s still more to come. 

If his work with science, his wide variety of genres, and his duality in music are not enough to impress, Brien is about to work on an independent film in 2021. As a true artist, Brien wishes to venture into different art forms and test his luck as an actor. 

With so many aspiring guitarists worldwide, most continue to aspire to be the same—a musician specialized in specific skills, techniques, or subgenres. Brien, on the other hand, is an authentic jack of all trades. His diversity and versatility are genuinely inspirational to any music lover. Brien Allen’s story is also a perfect reminder that one should not be afraid of their mistakes—instead, one should recognize mistakes as a motivation to persevere. 

Brien, along with his multiple groups, will be releasing albums and singles soon. When the pandemic is over, one might even witness him redefine versatility on stage. For now, catch him on his Instagram page.

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