Bobby McGruther on Why He Chooses to Chase His Passion Over Money-Making Pursuits

People often mistakenly think that success results from the amount of time one puts in at work. Although it is understandable in some professions or trades that quantity trumps everything else, it is usually about the quality of time an individual puts in that truly bolsters a person towards the summits of success.

In other words, success walks with those who dedicate themselves with passion and perseverance in climbing the pinnacles of victory. Recognizing the value of caliber in one’s pursuit of success, Bobby McGruther brings out his tenacious spirit in order to achieve his goals.

Admittedly, making it to the top of any industry is not easy. But instead of devoting oneself to achieving success through the mastery of one’s passion with utter detail and hard work, some people make it their mission to only dedicate a chunk of one’s time to seem like they have put effort into their craft, regardless of what type of work they invest themselves in. And what makes this circumstance more perplexing is that people equate success to having an insurmountable wealth and income. But to a film magnate, Bobby McGruther, he believes that this should not always be the case in one’s pursuit of success. Triumphs should be in the form of doing what one loves to do and the quality of work being put into it, notwithstanding how much one earns.

Hailing from the melting pot of creative vigor in the United States, New York City, Bobby McGruther always had a knack for following his passion for music and art. Although people may not genuinely see the value in such a trade due to the insufficiency of money-making opportunities, Bobby believes that professions should not be ranked based solely on how much it potentially increases one’s wealth. Instead, the true success of these trades should be based on how much it can develop a person and continuously improve the state of the world. Generating wealth should only serve as a bonus. And as one of the most talented and sought-after filmmakers across the capital who continues to change the world one film at a time, Bobby is an epitome of success by mashing passion and dedication altogether. 

Because of his victories over time, he decided to create a small production company called Red Skies Studios. This trailblazing company serves as an avenue for Bobby McGruther and other like-minded filmmakers to make various indie films designed to shake the industry with its unconventional and utterly creative approach. It also connects different filmmakers across Hudson Valley, New York, and some parts of New Jersey.

Although the production company only created a handful of high-quality content with a low budget, the films produced by Bobby McGruther and the team have made waves in the industry by winning awards in various film festivals.

In the coming years, Bobby McGruther hopes to expand his reach in the filmmaking industry to invite other passionate individuals to take a chance towards the craft and provide more jobs to those who need one.

As Bobby McGruther continues to take the industry by storm, he reminds us that success in any trade is more than what money makes us believe it to be. With the victories he has attained, he invites everyone to follow their passion without thinking of its money-making potential. Bobby assures that everything will soon follow once a person dedicates oneself to the mastery of his or her craft.

To know more about Bobby McGruther and Red Skies Studios, you may visit their websites.

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