Baby Shark Token Takes the Lead in Combating Ocean Pollution

The world’s vast oceans are one of the most badly hit parts of the environment, with man-made pollutants destroying many of their biodiversity. Future generations are likely to inherit a world with dying oceans, coral reefs, and marine life, forcing cause-oriented groups to step up and campaign for help to save them. Baby Shark Token, a cryptocurrency that exists to clean up the ocean and save marine life, is taking a bold step to lead a massive campaign for support to fund various initiatives spearheaded by the Gili Shark Conservation and Fish Reef Project. 

While there is so much work that needs to be done to clean up the world’s oceans, Baby Shark Token believes that it should start somewhere. And these small steps produce a worldwide campaign that will restore and preserve the biodiversity existing among the world’s oceans. By collaborating with Gili Shark Conservation and Fish Reef Project, it is able to fund noble projects such as the Coral Catch project, which will train indigenous women to dive, survey data, and restore coral reefs themselves—and with the Fish Reef Project, to operate sea caves deployed to South America towards a multi-year operation.

The $20,000 raised by Baby Shark Token this week alone was able to fill the two initiatives, a phenomenal feat for a cryptocurrency that only launched two months ago. Its charity wallet is directly forked into the Binance Coin (BNB). As a result, there is no pressure to dedicate funds to nonprofits and organized efforts to clean up the oceans and save marine life. 

Essentially, the Baby Shark Token is a fun and engaging way to create a crypto community that is dedicated to generating funds that will finance key ocean-related efforts. Billionaire and avid cryptocurrency supporter Elon Musk himself tweeted his observations of the rising cryptocurrency in early June, saying, “Baby Shark crushes all.” As the song “Baby Shark” became a sensational hit some years back, the launching of the Baby Shark Token became a phenomenal hit as well. 

“Some say it is like buying Dogecoin or Shiba Inu early before it made millions off of thousands. Baby Shark Token is on a mission to save the world and create wealth while doing so. Their uniquely coded smart contract allows them to effortlessly work toward developments, as well as cleaning and conserving the oceans as there is no selling pressure when collecting the BNB from transactions to put toward them. This cryptocurrency could hit $.01 someday,” critics commented. 

It is highly likely that Baby Shark Token could reach a penny or more in the future, thanks to its innovative buyback and burn feature called Sunken Treasure. It serves to boost the price while simultaneously reducing supply, giving promising rewards to loyal holdings. Every week, 5% of the development fund will be utilized to purchase Baby Shark Token. These tokens will then be forwarded to the burn wallet address. Additionally, every Baby Shark Token transaction accrues a fee of 8% that benefits all holders by way of redistribution of 3% of it. The 3% is then locked away into the liquidity pool, and 2% is transferred to its charity or development fund. 

The team behind the cryptocurrency is determined to see it transform into an international philanthropic organization in the next five years or so. The team also envisions the creation of its NFT marketplace, Charity Defi Exchange, and penetrating the gaming industry. With so many supporters believing in its noble initiatives, Baby Shark Token is bound for great oceanic feats in the future. 

Find out more about Baby Shark Token by visiting its website. Follow its Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on its latest initiatives. 

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