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Are Cheap Cannabis Seeds Worth It? A Comprehensive Analysis

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A popular marketing mantra says that cheap is always expensive in the long run. However, this cliché isn’t absolute truth since it doesn’t account for many relative variables influencing pricing. For instance, two seed growers producing the same seed quality but at different costs might price them differently. The grower with lower overheads can sell his seeds cheaper than the one with higher production costs. 

The above illustration means that cheaper cannabis seeds aren’t necessarily of shoddy quality. So, are cheap cannabis seeds worth your money or not? If you plant them, will they germinate and give you value for your investment? This post examines all these questions and answers them. Keep reading to understand why cheap weed seeds might be as good as expensive ones. 

Understanding Cannabis Seeds

Let’s start our journey by shedding more light on cannabis seeds. You can also get more information on cheap weed seeds online https://askgrowers.com/seeds/cheap. When planted in the right growing environment, these seeds produce cannabis plants with flowers covered with resinous trichomes. Such a conducive environment lets your cheap seeds break through the seed’s outer shell and usher in germination. 

Moreover, these seeds contain a plant’s genetic information determining its physical traits. Growers also crossbreed these seeds to produce strains that suit specific goals and quality requirements. Your search for affordable seeds will expose you to seeds falling under these categories: 

  • Feminized – These seeds only produce female, flowering plants.
  • Regular – They produce male or female plants.
  • Autoflowering – These seeds produce plants that don’t need an adjustment in the light cycle to start blossoming.

You can choose cost-effective seeds based on your desired goals. But remember that all the above categories have pros and cons.

Why Are Some Cannabis Seeds Cheap?

Now, why are some cannabis seeds cheaper than others? Below are the reasons for varied seed pricing and parameters that seed banks consider when placing a price tag on their products.  

Production Process 

Seed production processes and time determine the pricing. The grower will charge you more if you opt for high-quality seeds that take longer to produce. Most seeds that were rushed and harvested prematurely can be cheaper. 

Preservation and Storage Process

Seeds’ preservation and storage determine their cost as well. It takes time for harvested cannabis seeds to arrive at seed banks. Thus, the growers store and preserve them safely to guarantee their high germination rate. Besides, proper preservation and storage require chemicals that cost money. This cost is usually passed on to the end user.

Legal Restrictions

Legal restrictions also drive seed pricing. Some legal jurisdictions limit the number or amount of seeds buyers can purchase within a year. This restriction affects seed supply and demand, which directly affects pricing. 

Seed Genetics

You will pay for the seeds’ genetics depending on the strain you buy. Different growers take time to develop seeds with varying genetic compositions and mixes. These growers charge you for the investment they made in their seeds. However, that doesn’t automatically imply that cheap seeds have poor genetics. Instead, it means seeds with a higher genetic reputation fetch more money on the market than those without such a parameter.  

Market Demand

A product’s current demand directly affects its pricing. Popular seeds fetch higher prices and vice versa. Likewise, higher demand for a particular seed influences its supply and price.

Packaging and Transportation

Seed logistics also affect its overall pricing. Breeders package their seeds safely to ensure they are transported safely. Thus, they need shock and waterproof packages to guarantee seed integrity during transit. Moreover, if your seed vendor imports their seeds, their pricing will shoot because you pay for the customs costs. 

Seed Variety and Type

Seed type and variety influence the final cost. Variables like flavor and taste profiles are included in the cost estimation as well. Besides, feminized and autoflowering seeds are costlier than regular ones. You pay more for feminized seeds because you rest assured you won’t have males in your plantation to pollinate your females. Buying autoflowering seeds costs you more because you rest assured of crops that mature in several weeks instead of months.

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Tips for Getting Cheap Cannabis Seeds

Now, you know why some seeds are cheaper or costlier than others. But how can you get the best cheap seeds on the market? Here are tips to help you get the most value for your money. 

Buy in Bulk

As long as you have located a reputable supplier, buying seeds in bulk is one way to get a more affordable deal. You will save money on the shipping costs because all seeds will be shipped together. 

Choose New Strains

As seen earlier, seeds with an established market reputation fetch higher prices than those without. However, those entering the market for the first time can have lower prices because their breeders still attract buyers. You can capitalize on market entry prices to get better deals and prices. 

Go for Discounts

Discounts are another way of saving money on cheap seeds. Check out all the discounts reputable seed banks run during different seasons. Some run these offers during big holidays, while others have them when clearing stocks. Others offer discounts if you buy a few seed packs. So, it’s always beneficial to keep track of special deals and save money on them.  

Buy Regular Seeds

Feminized and autoflowering seeds are costlier than regular ones partly because they suit veterans and rookies. But if you intend to cultivate cheaper cannabis seeds, buying regular seeds is a better option. But you must remove the males unless you wish to breed cannabis crops. 

Buy Directly from Seed Banks and Growers 

You can also get better prices by buying directly from seed banks instead of third-party sites. Getting goods from their sources is always cheaper. 

Know When to Buy

Timing is another great way to buy cheap marijuana seeds. Many online seed banks have special holiday deals during major seasons like Christmas and Black Friday. 

Shop Around

You can get cheaper prices by doing your window shopping well. Remember, every seed seller prices their seeds based on different objectives. So, check where to get the lowest prices before buying. 

Select Affordable Shipping Options 

Selecting the most affordable shipping alternatives is another way of saving money. If you order your seeds early, you can use standard shipping and save the money you would have spent on priority transportation. 

Testing Cheap Cannabis Seeds

Now you have bought your cheap cannabis seeds and are ready for germination. But how sure are you they will grow? Here are tips to help you test cheap cannabis seeds for viability. 

  • The floating test. You can know if cannabis seeds can grow by testing them in a glass of distilled or spring water for one to two hours. Viable seeds soak in water and sink, while poor-quality ones float.
  • Appearance. Check the seeds’ appearance to ascertain their germination chances. High-quality seeds are dark, brown, or black. Some have small stripes and a turtle appearance. Low-quality seeds that were most likely harvested prematurely are white or green. 
  • Sheen. Healthy seeds have a shiny wax sheen when placed under direct light. They shine because mature, healthy seeds have a waxy protective coating. 
  • Hardness. Lastly, healthy seeds with a higher germination rate are hard and don’t deform or crack when pressed between your thumb and index fingers. Unhealthy ones crack under slight pressure and most likely won’t sprout. 

Closing Remarks

There you go with all you need to know about cheap cannabis seeds worth your money. It’s up to you to use this information to make an informed buying decision. 

The article was contributed by Tia Moskalenko, a passionate grower and cannabis industry researcher with a huge experience in this field. Tia works as a regular blogger at AskGrowers and shares her tips and observations with cultivators online. She believes that everyone can reap immense harvests if they follow simple tips and tricks of cannabis cultivation.

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