Alison Bowles Trailblazing as a Global Petite Model

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Instagram brought with it a surge in influencers, and Alison Bowles took advantage of the opportunity. She saw many people, especially models leveraging the platform to showcase themselves to the world and do real work for global brands. Then she thought, “Why not?” and joined the crop of models doing things differently. Now, she is regularly globetrotting, doing what she loves most, and making a killing.

At 5’3”, Alison Bowles broke into an industry that would normally not give her a chance. Most modeling contracts require a minimum height of 5’8”. However, Alison was undeterred as she established herself as a petite model and over the years, that seems to be working out for her. She is a Maxim model who is signed to MMG NY and has worked with hotels and tourism boards all over the world through her travel brand, WanderinHeels. Her work has not been limited to just modeling but also content creation and helping brands achieve their goals.

She is an entrepreneur who runs WanderinHeels. She is also partnered with an online boutique named Lacy Coe, and a CBD sports recovery center, the first in America called Slay Miami. She also owns YOUv Radiance Charity, an NGO that hosts events around America and raises funds to provide education and support skin cancer awareness.

Alison advocates strongly for skin cancer because she was once diagnosed with it when she was 22 years old, but she survived. So alongside her modeling work, she is passionate about helping people avoid skin cancer by creating awareness and teaching people how to prevent this cancer.

She is fully representing petite women while proving to the world that no one has to be defined by some preset standards. Despite her height, she is breaking ceilings and bringing about changes to the industry. She wants to inspire every woman who wants to become a model to pursue their desires regardless of any laid down rules. Inspiration, motivation, and everything in between are her primary goals, and she wants every woman to see her and draw all of those from her.

Her modeling career was not exactly planned; she only saw an opportunity on Instagram, and since then, she has grown her brand. She is an astute businesswoman who is fixated on being successful, and as she puts in the work for her businesses, she does the same for her modeling career. When she joined Instagram, all she saw was regular people making a living out of posing for photos and traveling around. In her words, she felt like, “If they can do it, why can’t I?” Now she seems to have done it. She is living her life and is having a positive impact on the world. She is also engaged to the love of her life, Adeiny Hechavarria, a baseball player who plays for the Atlanta Braves.

Her five-year goal is to cover magazines and become more well-known in the modeling world. She wants to be the standard for breaking boundaries and the proof that there is always a way no matter how impossible things seem.Learn more about Alison Bowles on her Instagram page and website.

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